Spin-off 3D

Forged in Something, Part IV
The B'Cnah dropped Warp and approached the Planet Dalor. At this time, General Verticon entered the Bridge.
Menchez: "We will transport you to the surface immediately, General."
Verticon grunted in acknoledgement.
Menchez: "It was... an honour having you here, General."
Verticon placed his hand on Menchez's shoulder: "You will have many battles."

He then turned and left for the back doors of the Bridge, but stopped in his tracks when the B'Cnah was hit by a disrupter blast. The ship shaked.

Menchez walked over to tactical: "Report."
Kent: "It came from the Outpost, sir."

Just then, another disrupter pulse flew out from the vast Planet and crossed the great distance. The B'Cnah was hit again, tilting back with momentum.

Menchez: "Hail them! ...Dalor Outpost. This is the B'Cnah. Why are you firing on us?"
There was no response.
Ch'Tong: "We are going to be hit again..."

He watched onscreen as they were hit by another disrupter blast from the surface.
Menchez: "Move us!"
Ch'Tong tapped at the helm.
Verticon walked over and opened his voice: "Dalor Outpost , this is General Verticon. Respond!" There was no reply. "Respond!!"

Another disrupter blast flew out into space, but the B'Cnah swiftly dodged it to the left. Three more blasts flew out and the B'Cnah dodged those aswell.

Verticon: "Scan the surface."
Kent, check his console: "Faint lifesigns coming from the Outpost... It looks like mostly everyone is dead."
Menchez: "There were at least twenty Klingons down there."

The B'Cnah is forced to rock to the right, dodging more pulses. But they are then sighted by another spread of pulses tactfully positioned, headed straight for them. Unable to dodge as far, the B'Cnah is hit by four of them.
Menchez, holding on: "Dalor is on automatic operation!"
The B'Cnah is pounded, as shields are taken out.
Menchez: "Ch'Tong! Bring us down to the suraface."
Ch'Tong: "Sir?"
Menchez: "I said, Bring us down!"

Commander Menchez looked back onscreen at the Planet. There lied his answers.