Spin-off 3D

Forged in Something, Part IV

The B'Cnah drops warp and approaches the planet Dalor. Suddenly, General Verticon enters the Bridge.
Menchez: "We will transport you to the surface immediately, General. Not that it hasn't been great having you here, watching our every physical move. Nothing creepy about that."
Verticon grunts in acknowledgement.
Menchez: "It was an honor, General. Perhaps we will share more blood wine in the future."
Verticon: "You will have many battles in order to accrue a sufficient blood wine barrel hold. Now, not to shout in your face so abruptly, but Qapla'!"

He then turns and leaves for the back doors of the Bridge, but stops in his tracks when the B'Cnah is hit by a disrupter blast. The ship shakes from the hit.

Menchez: "What? We haven't even fed the targs yet. The timing couldn't be worse for conflict! Report!"
Kent: "It came from the outpost. Maybe it's a new Klingon way of saying hello? You know, like the head-butting thing you guys do? Those are fun to watch."

Just then, another disrupter pulse flies out from the vast planet and crosses the great distance. The B'Cnah is hit again, tilting back with momentum.

Menchez: "Hail them! Are they on? Good. Dalor Outpost. This is the B'Cnah. Why are you firing on us? Don't you know we have precious Klingon hearts on this ship? Also, some Federation. But don't worry about that."
There is no response.
Ch'Tong: "Perhaps we should kill our Federation crew!? What? It was just a suggestion. I wasn't actually going to do it."
He watches the screen as they are hit by another disrupter blast from the surface.
Menchez: "Move us! How about that for a Klingon action?"
Ch'Tong taps at the helm, changing the ship's positioning. Verticon then walks over and grits his teeth in anger.
Verticon: "Dalor Outpost, this is General Verticon. You are breeching the sacredness that is our Klingon brethren! Respond!"

Another disruptor blast flies out into space, but the B'Cnah swiftly dodges it to the left. Three more blasts fly out and the B'Cnah dodges those as well.

Ch'Tong: "I could do this all day. It's not like they're hard to see. Ha!"
Verticon: "Scan the surface."
Kent: "I'm detecting faint life signs coming from the outpost. It looks like mostly everyone is dead."
Menchez: "There were at least twenty Klingons down there. One of them owed me 50 darseks! No, I do not have change if he was to give me 100. I know that's what most of you were thinking."

The B'Cnah is forced to rock to the right, dodging more pulses. But they are then sighted by another spread of pulses tactfully positioned, headed straight for them. Unable to dodge as far, the B'Cnah is hit by four of them.
Menchez: "Dalor is on automatic operation. Its tactics are much faster than if a Klingon were operating them! Really makes you think about why we even bother, though, doesn't it?"
The B'Cnah is pounded, as shields are taken out.
Menchez: "Ch'Tong! Bring us down to the surface."
Ch'Tong: "That is highly irregular. Are you sure? What prompted you to suggest this?"
Menchez: "The firing, obviously! Now do it! And make it snappy. There is a mystery afoot."

Captain Menchez looks back onscreen at the planet as the ship changes course. There lay his answers.