Spin-off 2B

Resurrections, Part II


The Phoenix-X beams aboard rock and plant samples and then turns around, jumping to maximum speeds to Starbase 78.

Docking - Port 3A, 0200 Hours, SD. 56993.2

"Man, this is such an exhausting investigation..." Brent complained, entering the Starbase's Medical Bay with a deep cut in his arm he got from working.
Doctor Melzine, an old science veteran, helped him but dropped the dermal regeneration tool, startled by a loud bang at the doors.

Melzine walked over to the doors to find out what it was. The doors didn't open. This confused him even more, as he tried accessing the controls beside it. "What is this...? It's not opening."

Brent courtesly picked up the Doctor's fallen dermal regeneration laser and then ran over.

"What the--!?" Melzine turned around and saw three out of uniform Men standing near the medical beds.

"Hello Doctor Melzine..." The main guy, Golex, greeted. Golex nodded to his two men. They went over and grabbed Melzine abruptly.

Brent immediately grabbed one of the Guys' arm. "Hey what do you think you're doing---"
The guy suddenly flung his other arm around, trying to hit Brent, but Brent immediately caught it.

"Argh!" The guy complained, as he pulled both his arms away.

The other guy punched Melzine in the stomach.
"Ugh!!!" Melzine fell to his knee's in pain, as the guy grabbed his shirt collar.
Golex walked over to Melzine casually and smiled, him being the one in power.

Brent swung a punch and blocked a jab from his opponent, who then hopped and kicked Brent in the side. Brent backed up, and tapped his commbadge. "Lieutenant Brent to Security--" He dodged an incoming punch. "Security come in--!" There was a dampening field.

"Plasmatic Gel Experiment 67..." Golex held out a test-tube with a gel-like substance inside. "This is a great thing you've created, Doctor. We found that it can be used for Romulan Dischargers. It can enhance thier fire power." He liked that.

Golex got up and started pacing, playfully tossing the test-tube up and down, as Brent and his lackey continued fighting in the background. "I think it's time you came with us."
"I'm not going anywhere you sick @#%&^$!" Melzine yelled, before he was punched in the stomach again. "Ergh!!"

Brent spun his dermal regeneration tool around with his fingers and flung his arm around his opponent's face. Brent lasered him in the eye.
"Augh!!" The guy immediately covered his eyes in pain, as Brent tactfully kicked him in the stomach. This sent the guy into the other guy, who was holding the Doctor as they crashed over onto the floor. Melzine was free.

"You idiots!" Golex yelled at his men. He put the test-tube in a side pocket and then approached Brent. "Who do you think you are?"

The other two lackey's got up and surrounded him.

Brent right hand punched at Golex, as Golex dodged and returned a punch, as Brent rotated left, flinging his left arm, backhanding one of the other guy's across the face, while still rotating arched his right hand over the falling guy and used it to punch the other waiting lackey in the face. "Ugh!!" - "Ooof!!!" After a full rotation he was facing Golex again.

The other two guys were on the ground, hurt.

Golex punched Brent in the waist, causing much pain, and then again in the stomach. Brent flung out both fists as jabs, but Golex tactfully grabbed them and used them to spin Brent around and into a nearby medical bed.

Brent fell back onto it, as Golex came over and punched Brent across the face. "Ugg!!!" Blood spilled.

"That'll teach you to mess with me." Golex cracked his knuckles, but Brent, lying on the bed, immediately brought both feet up and slammed them into Golex's knuckles. He then kicked his left foot and then right foot into Golex's stomach.

Golex was punched back as Brent got to his feet and faced Golex again. They exchanged jabs and blocks and redirections until Brent spun Golex to around and kicked him over the med-table. Golex tripped right over it and onto the other side, knocked out. "Uuff!!"

Brent looked over at Golex on the floor as Melzine walked over in pain. "Got 'em."

The other guys got up and tapped thier control units and all three of them were beamed out.

"Who were those guys?" Brent asked.
Melzine leaned against a bed for support as his stomach ached... "A group of people who seem to know everything that goes on, especially my experiments --Err, listen, you must go. I have to--- clean up." He walked around the Medical Bay, going through things. He was too pre-occupied to deal with Brent.
"I'm going to send a Security Team down to protect you." Brent jogged for the back door, still a little weak.

Brent accessed the main Sensor Control Deck in the Operations Bridge of the Starbase. He scanned for ion traces, or any sub-molecular sign of another Ship in the vicinity. Admiral Parsons walked over. "I had the Phoenix-X scan the area too. There's nothing."
Brent looked to the side, annoyed that he wasn't getting anywhere. How could anyone cover thier tracks so well?
"Why don't you get some rest for now, Lieutenant." Parsons requested.
Brent nodded and left.

Brent walked around the hall to the back way into the Medical Bay. He made his way inside where everything was trashed. Spilled and destroyed test-tubes were all over the floor, including four Security Officers who were unconscious. "Doctor...?" Brent looked around; Melzine was no where to be found.

"Lieutenant!!" Melzine's voice was heard in the other room of the Medical Bay.

Brent ran around to see the same guys from before. They were dragging the old man over to Golex. Melzine's blood trailed along the floor.

"Don't let them get th---" Before the old man could finish, the whole group was beamed out.

Brent, about to have started running, stopped, astonished to have seen them all again...

Doctor Melzine was gone.