Spin-off 2C

Resurrections, Part III

Crew Status - Shore Leave: Lieutenant Brent Stevenson - 0638 Hours.

Brent decided to remain on Starbase 78, as the Phoenix-X departed to get back to its business. He had a lot on his mind and he wanted to check out the 10-Forward Dining and Bar Area. "Can I get you anything?" asked the Bartender.

The Bartender handed Brent a mug of Beer, and Brent walked over to the window to see his ship in space jump to Warp. "Looks Prometheus Class" The 10-Forward was full of people, one of whom was also peering out the window at liesure.
Brent glanced over, immediately attracted to her, a young woman in Starfleet too. "Multi-Vector Class, actually."
She shook hands with him. "Lieutenant Stephanie Arken, Operations."
"Lieutenant Brent Stevenson, Shore Leave."
"...And you're spending it here?" She asked.
"No..." Brent avoided eye contact, in denial.
"This whole Starbase is nothing but a workplace." She waited for him to stop her. "Come with me."

Flirtaciously, she grabbed his arm and lead him out 10-Forward. They made thier way to Shuttle Bay 2, where rows of small Fighter Ships waited.
"I'm supposed to destroy some asteroids a couple parsects away from here. Ever flew one of these?" She accessed two Fighters, and opened the cockpt one after the other.
"Uhh, I have some flying experience." Brent followed Steph's lead and jumped into a Fighter as she did.

The Bay Operations Officer knew Steph and nodded to her from the floor as he accessed a computer station. The large doors opened to space, before Brent and Steph both hovered the Fighter's off the floor and flew out.

Both Fighters sped through space at increasing speeds. Behind, the Starbase got smaller as they approached a big slow moving Asteroid Cluster. *If we don't destroy the large debris, the asteroids will be gravitationally pulled towards the Starbase when they pass by.* Steph reported over the comm.

*There's so many...* Brent looked out his cockpit and tapped at the helm console.

*I know...* She paused. *...Bet I can lose you!* She sped her Fighter into the debris, flying past a medium sized asteroid and out of sight.

*Hey!* He sped his Fighter deep into the asteroid field after her. Before him a giant asteroid exploded into pieces, raining on his shields. He could see Steph's Fighter shoot away.

*Haha! You can't catch me!* Brent heard her over the comm, but couldn't see her in the chaos of all the debris around him.

*You know, I have better things to do than play hide and seek.* Brent said annoyed as he flew his Fighter between two asteroids locked together. On the other side he could see Steph's Fighter, waiting.

They made eye contact and she immediately flipped around and sped away, firing phasers into another large asteroid. Brent flew after, dodging a passing broken rock. *Oh sure, like what? Showing off your relaxing abilities in 10-Forward?* She laughed.

Brent tractored that passing rock and brought it with him as he flew around. *I was going to contact my Combat Master... catch up with old times.*

Steph slowed and carefully faced a large asteroid she was about to destroy, until Brent flew by, dropping the tractor beam to his rock so that the rock would cruise and smash into Steph's large asteroid, knocking it away. Steph phasered out into space, missing the large masses. *Hey!*

Brent laughed as he flew over the asteroid and phasered it, exploding it into pieces himself.

Steph rocketed around and exploded asteroid after asteroid, while chasing Brent who was also destroying asteroids.

Brent and Steph came to the final large asteroid of the field, facing it tactically. They held the moment before one of them would destroy it. But who would destroy it first? *On the count of three... the first one to destroy it gets to force the other to stay out of 10-Forward for the next day.* Steph bargained. *One... two... three...*
Brent blasted phasers 14 milliseconds before Steph, as both phasers busted the asteroid into large pieces that went flying out towards them.

They both quickly flew around nearing rocks and sped out of there, out of the asteroid cluster and into space.

They made thier way back to Starbase 78 where they entered through the shuttle bay Doors to Shuttle Bay 2. They parked thier Fighters merging into the row of Fighters throughout the Bay.

Fighter 1 - Docked - 0821 Hours.
Fighter 2 - Docked - 0822 Hours.

Steph and Brent walked back to Steph's Quarters, where they stopped for a moment and shared a romantic moment. His face neared hers and they lightly pressed each others lips. "So, who's this Combat Master?" She opened the doors to her Quarters.

"He's my Vulcan mentor. He taught me everything I know about fighting" Brent replied.

"Need a private place to contact him?" Steph asked.

Brent nodded as she led him in to her Quarters and showed him to a console in the living room. He cleared permission for a long range subspace communication while Steph left the room. Brent tapped at the panels sending out a message. He waited.

Steph came back in, dressed in civillian clothing... more revealing than decent. "Get him?"

Brent tapped at the console in confusion. "His computer isn't responding."

Steph walked over.

Brent kept trying, but the Computer kept returning error alerts. "Dammit. I've lost contact with him."