Spin-off 2D

Resurrections, Part IV


Stardate 56973.7

Starfleet Research, The Spiner Building. It was after hours and quiet night sky revealed as many galactic stars as possible.

An Old Man beamed into a dark hallway of the Building. He placed a device on a control panel, which nullified the Security Alert. He made his way to a glass door, where a Security Officer was sleeping on the job, rocking thier chair back. "Hey!" Stan woke up. "Who are you?"

The Old Man's face was in shadow.

"I'm talking to you, sir. What are you doing here?" Stan got up, which triggered the Old Man's impulse to walk over to a nearby control panel and place a computer device on it.

"Stan to Security, we have a problem here." He reached over and grabbed the Old Man's shoulder, but before he knew it, an EMH appeared out of the corridor holo-emitters and took Stan's hand off the Old Man.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." Stan pulled himself away from the EMH as a secondary program took over it.

"What the--??" He took out his phaser, but the EMH launched his leg and kicked it away. The EMH then kicked for Stan, but Stan grabbed the leg and threw it to the side.

The EMH punched Stan across the face. Blood drops flew as Stan grabbed his face in pain. "Augh!!!" Stan twisted his body and kicked the EMH in the side, the EMH was sent into the wall, with no pain.

The Old Man walked by and accessed the Glass Doors, as four more Secuirty Officer's arrived with phasers. "Stop right there!" Jade yelled. But before he knew it, four more EMH's appeared in the hallway and attacked.

Holding the phaser, Jade blocked the close range jab from the EMH, and blocked another jab with his other arm. The EMH kneed Jade in the chest, sending Jade against the Glass Door, cracking it. "Argh!!"

The Old Man opened the Glass Doors and walked inside the Andriod Research Lab.

An EMH jump kicked Tank in the stomach, but when Tank was sent back he aimed his phaser and blasted it into the EMH. The phaser just flew right through the EMH's head, as the EMH was merely a hologram.

"Alright, holograms or not, I'm kicking thier asses..." Paul walked up to an EMH who intended on taking him on anyway. He launched his fist at the EMH's head, but the EMH just dodged to the side.

The EMH spun and kicked for Paul, but Paul grabbed his leg and pulled the EMH's stance off the floor. He swung the EMH around and threw him down the hallway.

Mackenzie forced an uppercut to his EMH's chin, knocking the EMH up into the air and to the ground. The EMH got up, expressionless, and leaned its upper body forward and down punching Mackenzie in the side. "Auuuhh!!"

Jade kicked his EMH into Mackenzie's EMH and they toppled over.

The Old Man continued into the Lab, finding an Android head and upper body connected to the computer. It's legs and arms were connected to other computers.

In the hallway, an EMH jumped and ran up Stan's body, jumping off Stan's head and kicking for Paul who was nearby. Paul was kicked across the face from above. Stan and Paul hit the floor in pain. "Grgh!!" - "Aggh!"

The EMH landed on his feet, but before he knew it he was punched in the stomach by Jade. "Someone deactivate these holograms!"

Mackenzie kicked that EMH into a wall, holding him there with his foot to its arm. Jade kicked that EMH in the chin, in the opposite direction, causing the EMH's arm to be torn off as it was held to the wall. The EMH and its arm disappeared.

Another EMH grabbed Mackenzie from behind, as another EMH was free to cluch Mackenzie's neck. "Aack!!" Mackenzie kicked his foot into the EMH's stomach, and climbed his feet up to the EMH's chest, pushing him back. He flung his feet around and kicked the EMH across the head, twisting himself so that the EMH that was holding him behind was diagonally thrown to the side. Both EMH's were knocked in opposite directions as Mackenzie got up.

One of those two EMH's had a broken neck and disapeared.

"They have program perameters." Jade observed.

The Old Man placed transporter tags on each Android piece in the Lab. He could hear the fighting outside the hallway, which was keeping the others occupied. "Positronic neural pathways..." The Old Man examined the Android, having seen its specs before and knowing as much about it as any other Science personnel. The Android's name was Lore.

Tank spun an EMH around, holding it's leg with his curled leg, causing the EMH's leg to be removed from its socket and the EMH itself to disappear. "We got 'em."

Just then more EMH's appeared... Stan and Mackenzie got up and glanced at each other. There was no time for thoughts as the EMH's attacked.

An EMH jabbed for Paul's head, but Paul dodged and jabbed his fist into the EMH's face, only this time, it passed right through. "They've changed thier perameters!"

Tank kicked his leg, passing right through the EMH, but it was stuck there, enough he could move the EMH around. He kicked the EMH to the side, releasing his foot, and spun himself to the side to catch his other foot into the EMH. He then launched the EMH into the wall.

But another EMH approached from behind and arched its hand into Tank's back and into his chest. The EMH held Tank's heart... "Auuuhhgg!!!!"

An EMH launched is foot right through Stan's foot, causing Stan more pain in his leg.

Paul leaped past an incoming EMH and rolled along the floor grabbing a phaser rifle. Lying down, he blasted it into the cieling wall corner, dragging it across, busting the cieling and walls to pieces, and knocking out some of the holo-emtters behind them.

Two EMH's disappeared, and half of some of the other EMH's dissolved.

The Old Man beamed out the Lore pieces and himself. He'd been studying and knew how work positronic neural nets.

The Secuirty was left with half EMH's which continued to try fighting them. This was not a great night.

Security Cam 7 - Recall, Time Index 2314 Hours to 2325 Hours - Pause

The next week the Security Officers sat with Commander Harkins explaining the situation. A secuirty camera at an upper angle had the fight paused onscreen. "Don't worry. You guys did your best."

"Is there any leads on who that old guy was?" Stan looked at the viewsceen carefully. Everyone was there in the Office, trying to sort out the mystery. "I couldn't remember his face."

"Even enhanced images can't clear his face. It seems he knew where to hide his front and he didn't touch anything with his hands." Jade explained.

The second screen showed the Old Man below beaming out, along with the Android pieces. His back was to the camera.