Spin-off 2E

Resurrections, Part V

The Enterprise trekked through space.

"Captain's Log, Stardate 56987.2. The Enterprise is en-route to Silillian Territory, to open negotiations for possible trade. If we are successful, the Federation will be a great deal better off in terms of food, medical and weapons supplies."

Picard left the Bridge and made his way to 10-Forward to meet with Ambassador Nelane. "I just wanted to let you know, that we will arrive at Torel Prime in thirteen hours."
"Thank you, Captain." Nelane nodded, as he glanced back out the window. For a second he thought he had seen a distortion in space.
"Is everything alright, Ambassador?" Picard noticed the strange look in his eyes. Picard then looked out the window at the passing by stars. He saw nothing out of the ordinary.

But there was a cloaked vessel. A small, vessel. It transported someone into one of the corridor's of the Enterprise.
"B4?" Geordi was walking down the Deck 14 when he noticed him. "I thought you were in the Science Lab?"
That someone was Lore. He just glanced at Geordi, recalling a distant memory... very distant.
Geordi knew something was up, when the Andorid just walked by him. He tapped his commbadge and alerted Security.

The Android made his way in a turbolift to Deck 8. He stepped out and was surrounded by Security.
"Do not move." Worf held out a phaser, along with eight other Security Officers.
The Andorid nodded, sending out a subspace distortion pulse which caused an energy backfire on each of thier phasers.

"Argh!" The Security Officers dropped thier phasers as they recieved electrical shocks from them.

Worf stepped up to the Android and threw a punch, but the Android grabbed his arm and threw Worf into the side wall. The Android then continued walking.

A Secuirty Officer from behind, ran and body checked the Android in the back. The Android lost his balance by a few steps and turned around. The Secuiry Officer was getting up as two more Officers grabbed the Android.

The Android spun his upper body around, throwing those two Officers into more uncoming Officers. They all collapsed to the floor.

The Android entered the Science Lab were the B4 Android was working on an experiment. The B4 glanced over. "Who are you?" B4 asked.
The Android didn't answer as his programming was altered.
"Why do you look like me?"
The Android thrust his palm into the side of B4's head and slammed it into the table. The miscelaneus items on the table jumped. "Silence..." The Android ordered as he opened a hatch on the B4's head. He linked two long clear tubes from his own head into the B4's. The annoying B4 was getting the treatment it deserved.

Just then, Security Officers poured into the Lab. They ran up to the Android, who while holding on to B4, kicked out his foot into one approaching Officer after the other. "Ooff!!" - "Gargh!!" - "Uh!!"

One Officer went to a wall and accessed the console. He made a forcefield go around the two Androids. The Android touched it, and kept his finger on the forcefield. It seemed like he was absorbing the energy into his hand.

Two more Officers ran over as the forcefield was drained, and the Android opened his plam, sending out static bands of energy. He hit both Officers, shocking them until they were unconscious. At this point, the Android unhooked himself from the B4.

The B4 layed its head on the table, unconscious. "Get him!" An Officer yelled, but the Android punched him out as he ran over.

The Android was finished, so he took out a tricorder-padd. Worf grabbed his arm and struggled with him. Worf arched his arms, pushing the Android's arms inward so he could grab the padd. But the Android quickly butted its head into Worf's, knocking Worf back and freeing his arms. Worf could take it as he came back, but the Android had accessed the padd, signalling him to be beamed out. He was gone.

Worf stopped in his tracks, panting. He glanced over at the B4. "It seems he got what he came for..."
The other Officers got up, struggling with thier bruises.


The Android beamed onto the small cloaked shuttle. He was alone.