Spin-off 2F

Resurrections, Part VI

Stardate 56996.8

The Phoenix-X slowed as it approached the same green and blue Planet as earlier.

Captain Cell entered the Bridge. This was the second time he was sent out to investigate this Planet. Where did it come from? Why was it there? These were all questions asked earlier. "Start a sub-molecular analysis of the Planet's crust." He ordered the tactical position.
"Aye, sir." She answered. The Phoenix-X's sensor array activated and began scanning. She herself was focused on the confusion of the Planet's existence.
"Maybe if we get closer, we can take in more accurate scans." Commander Seifer suggested. He was fully into this investigation, as he monitored the scans on another panel.
"Agreed." Cell nodded.

The Phoenix-X moved in closer. The Planet seemed like a huge bright concave wall in space.

"Looks good." Seifer checked his chair console.
"Hey," Cell wanted to make conversation to pass the time, "going to that Belching Contest later?"
Seifer felt an awkward moment, before the Ship suddenly rumbled under pressure.

Panels and warnings beeped all over the Bridge.

"Captain..." RaeLuna, at tactical, called out, "the gravitational field produced by the Planet is increasing exponentially." She checked her console unable to process all the excess readings.
"It's pulling us in." The helmsman warned.

The Phoenix-X was dragged towards the Planet on angle. "Full reverse." Cell ordered. The Planet's surface began breaking apart and cracks could be seen forming from thousands of kilometers above.

"What the...?" Seifer stood up and looked at the phenomenon on screen. Huge explosions of magma bursted out from the cracks in the surface, shooting out high above atmosphereic layers.

"The core is collapsing... It's causing an energy discharge throughout the Planet." RaeLuna panicked.

The Phoenix-X slowed, as it continued to be pulled down. The impulse engines weren't strong enough to counter the gravitational stress. Seifer looked on screen at the Planet, and huge rocks headed right for them.

"Bridge to Engineering. Emergency Warp power." Cell tapped his commbadge.
*I'm on it.* Kugo replied over comm.

The Phoenix-X began impulsing again, as large pieces of land and flowing lava flew past. The Phoenix-X rocked left and right, dodged one rock and passed under another as a large chunk of land was right behind them.

"Hurry!!" Cell panicked.

The enormus piece of land hit their shields and began pushing the Phoenix-X before the Phoenix-X rotated in its belly and jumped to Warp, out of there.

"All stop, rotate axis." Cell breathed, trying to return to a state of calmness. The Phoenix-X turned around in time to see the Planet explode into large pieces. The chunks of land and quickly freezing magma, slowly flew out into space in the distance.

The ship retained a good amount of damage. A few consoles were blown. "Report!"
RaeLuna hadn't stopped tapping at panels. "Casulties on Decks 3 and 6... The Planet has been reduced to asteroids."

Cell and Seifer glanced at each other in confusion. A Planet that came out of nowhere, finally explodes. They peered back on screen.
"It looks like it couldn't maintain itself." RaeLuna reported.

This was very unsettling.