Spin-off 2G

Resurrections, Part VII

Brent walked down a corridor on Starbase 78. None of this made any sense. There had been three break-ins before this... the Starbase 78 Medical Bay... the Spiner Building... and the Enterprise. Now it was reported that the Medical Bay was broken into again.

He stopped, having heard a sound. It came from a Jeffrey's Tube hatch. Maybe there was someone in there. "Anyone working this area?" Brent shouted as he opened the nearby hatch. Inside was a dark figure who quickly turned a corner. He was escaping.

Brent quickly dove into the Jeffery's Tube after the man, whoever he was... until they both came to a small cross section where they could stand. Brent grabbed the Man's shoulder. "Hold it!!"

"Get off me!" The Man swung his arm around, knocking Brent's away, and then attacked with a left cross. The punch was dodged as Brent saw it coming. He quickly shoved the Man into the wall. "Argh!"

The Man pulled himself up by a ladder above him and raised his feet, kicking them at Brent. Brent blocked each kick with his forearms in pain, until being kicked in the face. Brent was knocked back into a Jeffery's Tube opening.

The Man dropped to his feet, approaching Brent. He was recognizable... Golex. "You!?" Brent freaked. "Who are you??"

"None of your concern!" Golex shot his leg into the Jeffery's Tube at Brent, but Brent blocked the kick. Golex continued kicking his foot into the Tube as Brent blocked each attack, until grabbing the foot and pulling Golex inwards.

Golex quickly took out his disrupter and shot Brent, knocking Brent out. "That will teach you to mess with us..."


Brent woke up and made his way to the Medical Bay. There, Security Officers were going over damage from the second break-in. "What happened to you, sir?"

Up in the upper Jeffery's Tubes that passed by the Medical Bay, was Golex and a few of his men spying on the situation. It seems as if they were just as interested in the break-in as the Federation.

"Ugh... I ran into the intruder..." Brent said as he healed himself with a regenerative tool.
Parsons walked over, "We're still looking for him. It seems that whoever it was, this Android, stole some equiptment."

But Golex and his men weren't responisble for all this mess this time.

"Equiptment?" Brent asked.
Admiral Parsons shook his head. "Some kind of Computer Mainframe, with complicated modifications to it. It seems the Doctor created it, as some kind of Device..."
Brent was putting it all together now. "It's what the Doctor was working on that they wanted..."

Golex continued to watch. He spoke to his men. "Someone else is interfering with us."
"We must find them."
Golex nodded. "No one messes with the Orion Syndicate... No one."