Spin-off 5D

Hijinx, Part IV

The Hijinx sinks down, passing under a Remen Warship and blasting a torpedo into its shields. Another Turismo Starship passes by it, and cuts phasers along its side, taking out its shields.

The Hijinx spins around and pumps two torpedoes out into empty space... suddenly hitting a cloaked Remen Warship, following an explosion to the back half of the Warship.
Reynolds: "Great firing Lane."
Lane: "Thanks, Captain."

Two Remen Warship's gain on a single Turismo Starship, raining it with pulses and two torpedoes until the Turismo Starship explodes.

The Hijinx speeds around behind one of the two, and launches a quantum torpedo onto thier rear structure. The Warship's shields are knocked out along with part of the Ship, as they go twrilling uncontrolably.
Gane: "AAarrrrhhh!!"

Meanwhile, at Turismo Starship Command on the surface of the Planet, a General contacts thier President.
Morb: "President, a Federation Ship is assisting us!"
>Clane: "What? How dare they!?"
Morb: "President, that's a... good thing."
>Clane: "Oh, well then, uhh, tell them to work harder."
Morb: "Yes, sir."

The Hijinx tractor beams a Remen Warship away from chasing a Tursimo Ship and pumps torpedoes into its hull. The Warship explodes, as the Hijinx acclerates upwards away.

It comes to level with one of the last Remen Warship's and fires torpedoes at it. The Remen vessel cloaks and moves out of the way, but a Tursimo Starship predicts its next move and fires phasers into it. The Remen Warship partially explodes, sending large pieces flying as the Hijinx and the Tursimo Ship speed out of there together.
Tolorn: "Thanks a lot for the help, Hijinx!"

They both speed past more battling Remen and Turismo Ships.
Reynolds: "No problem. Just watch your back there."
>Tolorn: "We will, Hijinx... we will."

All of a sudden a Remen rams torpedoes as it passes them, exploding half of that Turismo Starship to large pieces.

Reynolds: "Oops."
The Hijinx dives under a Remen Warship, and jumps up behind it, connecting a tractor beam to it. The Hijinx pulls the Warship up, into the path of an already speeding Warship which comes in, crashing into it. Both Warship's endure major destruction as the Hijinx speeds out of there.

Most of the Tursimo Starships have pushed away the attacking Remen's, resulting in the Remens' retreat.

The last Warship's jump to Warp out of there as the Turismo's finally rest from all the fighting. The Hijinx sits in the midsts of all the floating debris as the last Remen Warship accelertates past the Warp barrier.
Qone: "Argh!! We'll get you for this, Hijinx! We'll get you!!!"
He sticks a picture of Reynolds on the side of his control panel, admiring her, and gets his crew to change course for Romulan Space.

The Turismo Starship Command hails the Hijinx in space.
>Morb: "Thank you Hijinx... is there any way we can repay you?"
Reynolds: "Don't mention it. Just as long as Starfleet doesn't find out, and we get a free tour of your City, we'll call it even."
>Morb: "It's a deal! But, uhh... the City tours are pretty expensive. Are you sure you don't want to just walk around and look at all the buildings yourselves?"
Reynolds: "I said, we want a free tour..."
>Morb, backs off: "Oh-- al, alright."