Spin-off 5E

Hijinx, Part V

Reynolds and Bo are on a carriage, which hovers throughout the City streets of Turismo Alpha Kenil, the Planet's biggest city. A robotic tour guide explains the City's greatest structures.
(Robot): "...And to your left you will notice the T-Tower... created by the great Turusians in the late 14th to 18th Century. Production was slow."
Bo, points: "Hey, Commander look, an Energy Production Plant. I think it's based on an anti-matter-matter reaction."
Reynolds: "Uhh... fascinating."
Just then they recieve a communication from the Hijinx in orbit.
#Lane: "Lane to Commander Reynolds, you're getting a transmission from Starbase 55."
Reynolds, taps her commbadge: "I guess it'd be rude to reroute it to my commbadge..."
#Lane: "Yes, ma'am, very rude indeed."
Dine, one of the passengers on the Tour, taps her shoulder from the seating behind: "I have a portable viewscreen. It would give me no less pleasure than to let you use it after saving our World earlier."
Reynolds, takes it: "Oh thanks. Lane, can you reroute the transmission to this device?"
The transmission is rerouted and Admiral Cloud goes onscreen.
(Robot): "...And to the right, you will notice the World's largest sphere. It's purpose back in the 12th Century was to steamroll enemy cities during war time."
>Cloud: "Commander? What was that voice?"
Reynolds: "Uhh, nothing sir. How can I help you?"

The carriage hovers around the next street corner, passing two larger hover vehicles.
>Cloud: "I just wanted to congratulate you after all these years, for Commanding the Hijinx so impressively. That Cardassian treaty negotiation over the Nikon Zone last week went very well."
Reynolds: "Thanks, sir. They just couldn't say no to to those neck warmers we offered."
>Cloud: "Reynolds, in light of your great work I want to promote you to Captain."
Reynolds: "Really, sir? You mean it?"
>Cloud: "Yes. You've shown exemplimary work over the past couple years. I think we should have promoted you a long time ago."
Just then, onscreen, an Ensign hands Admiral Cloud a padd.
>Cloud reads the padd. His happy facial expression slowly changes: "What the?? You assisted the Turismo's in repelling a Remen invasion!?!?!"
Reynolds: "But sir--"
>Cloud: "...You broke the Prime Directive!!!"
Reynolds: "Let me explai---"
>Cloud: "No! You're not getting any promotion Reynolds!"
Reynolds: "Sir, you can't believe everything you read. Didn't you learn anything from the News Media Wars on Earth centuries ago?"
>Cloud: "That's it, Reynolds! I want you to report to Starbase 55 for a complete systems revamp. That's what you deseve!!"
Reynolds: "But that'll take weeks!"
>Cloud: "Exactly! Maybe by that time, you'll have learned your lesson!!"
The screen clicks off.
(Robot): "...And passing right above us is the City's highest bridge. From there suicide could be easily performed onto the traffic below. But back then suicide was called pseudo side."
Reynolds and Bo just look at each other, confused as the Carriage continues on down the street at the feet of all these tall futuristic buildings.