Spin-off 5F

Hijinx, Part VI

Reynolds enters the Bridge of the Hijinx in orbit of Turismo. Everyone has returned aboard, and she sighs in disappointment.
Reynolds: "HHh... alright. Let's go."
Deborah: "Captain!! ....I'm getting a distress signal from Saturn... and I'm picking up readings of a giant alien vessel approaching it!"
Reynolds: "Some kind of invasion?"
Deborah: "It's a species called the Gordarions..."
Bo: "I've heard of them. They're an experimental obsessed species."
Deborah, scans: "And they're firing something into Saturn's atmosphere... --There are five Starships trying to take it out, but are undergoing severe damage."
Reynolds: "Change course for Sector 001."

The Hijinx speeds around and then jumps to Warp out of there.

Meanwhile, a huge egg-shaped grey Gordarion Ship emits a beam into Saturn's rings. The rings begin to flare up, until the Crucial speeds by and blasts a charged phaser into thier sides, knocking them back a little.
Gordo: "Diffusion at 23-percent."
Ger: "We can't complete our mission with these annyoing Vessels pounding on our hull."

The Gordarion Ship arcs around and blasts a thick energy beam out into space, hitting the Gettysburg roughly, sending them creening off course.

The Crucial and the Kitana speed around in the same formation and blast torpedoes at the giant egg-ship.
Barley: "Captain... It seems they are trying to convert some of the particles in the rings..."
Menrow: "Convert, to what?"
Barley: "Unknown, sir."
Menrow: "Is there anyway we can diffuse that particle beam without it affecting the rings themselves?"
Hatcha: "It looks like an inverse pelthron stream. A phaser beam could disperse it."
Menrow nods to this.

The Crucial fly's around, positioning themselves at an angle above the egg-ship and the beam its emitting into Saturn just beyond orbit. The Crucial fire phasers, but then is suddenly blasted back by another beam from the Egg-Ship.

The Crucial spins backwards away from the battle, just when the Hijinx drops Warp nearby. They hail each other.
Reynolds: "Crucial, are you okay?"
>Menrow: "We think a phaser blast to their pelthron stream will diffuse it. You have to take out that beam before whatever thier planning to do to the rings happens!"

Two more Federation Starship arrive, blasting weapons at the Egg-Ship. The Hijinx leaves the Crucial and speeds towards the situation. The Hijinx rains torpedoes along the hull of the Egg-Ship, when suddenly Saturn's rings begin emitting a strange low-luminescent light and energy out into space.

The Egg-Ship drops its beam and backs off, watching it. It continues to take on major damage from the fleet of circling Starships, but focuses on thier job anyway.

The Kitana scans for the Egg-Ship's damage report.
Trelane: "Thier hull is incredibly strong!"
Pax: "We're slowly getting through though..."
Trelane: "What the hell did they do to the Planet!?"
Pax: "Unknown, sir... Saturn seems to be emitting a multitude of background pelthron radiation."

The Gordarion Egg-Ship rotates around and heads into the light and energy of the rings in Saturn. It hides in the energy from all the Starships, who don't dare enter.

Bo: "Should we go after them?"
Reynolds: "Hold it! ...They know our ship's can't withstand the energy being emitted from the Planet."
She leans forward, trying to read thier minds in the great distance between them.
Reynolds: "The Gordarions... they don't care about us. They're just executing a spacial experiment."

The Fleet holds back, unable to enter the now increasingly bright Saturn. They are unsure what to do next.