Spin-off 4B

Tsunami, Part II

McCary enters the Science Lab, where Doctor Tianna and Ensign Jolene are working around a secured sample of the black protoplasm from the hull tragedy.
Tianna: "It's mostly organic based, but we think a modified neural shock along the structural hull could irritate it."
McCary: "...And you think that will stop the deterioration?"
Jolene: "Possibly."
McCary: "Let's give it a try."

A shock of energy rides along the upper hull of the Tsunami, vapourizing the substance eating the hole. McCary enters the Bridge.

Morris: "Well that did more than we expected."
McCary: "There's nothing we can do about it now, Commander."
Ralph: "Captain! ...The dark blob is heading straight for us."
McCary looks to the side and the back on screen again: "...Alright... fire phasers."

Deborah loads the weapons and gets the Tsunami to fire phasers at the small Blob. The Blob stops in midspace, being pushed back in pain. It collects its spilled liquid and tries heading for the Tsunami again.

McCary: "...Fire."

The Tsunami hits the Blob with phasers again, pushing it back. It shakes the pain off and turns around. It begins to speed out of there.

Deborah: "It's retreating."
Morris: "Where?"
Deborah: "On heading of 4-3 mark 9-2."
McCary: "Follow it."
Morris: "Why?"
McCary: "I want to know where it came from..."