Spin-off 4C

Tsunami, Part III

The Tsunami speeds through space, chasing after the small Blob. In the distance, a huge plastor of sticky black Blob can be seen... this time a million times bigger.
McCary: "What the hell is that...?"

As the Tsunami slows before the enormus erratic substance, the small Blob adds itself. Inside the stretched holes and cracks, a few Starship's can be seen, stuck.

Morris: "It's like some huge playdough explosion."
Ralph: "Maybe it's a really big Changeling?"
Deborah, scans: "No... not even close."
The viewscreen clicks to a closer view of one of the Starship's stuck by it.
McCary: "...That's the Roltekk, a Cardassian Ship."
Deborah: "Confirmed."
Morris: "You know them?"
McCary: "Yeah, I got into a few fights with them during the first Cardassian War..."
Deborah: "We're being hailed."
>Krane, clicks on screen: "McCary! How's it going? I thought that was you."
McCary: "Krane! What the hell is going on here?"
>Krane: "I have no clue. All I know, is that I was attacked by one of these small protoplasm creatures and my hull about to be destroyed. When it consumed a good space, the protoplasm laid an egg and more protoplasm erupted from it! ...Before I knew it, I was trapped inside all of it."
Morris: "Keep your lies to yourself, Krane!"
>Krane: "I am not stuck in this over baked explosion for nothing!"
McCary: "Calm down. Now tell me, how did those other Ship's get stuck?"
>Krane: "My section keeps connecting to other arriving sections floating through space that have caught other Starships. There are three more of us in here."
McCary: "Hmm..."
Morris, whispers: "I don't believe him, Captain. Those Cardi's are deceptive at best."
>Krane: "I can hear everything you are saying!"
McCary: "Quiet! The two of you! We have to find a way to release these Ship's."
Deborah: "I'm reading a Ferengi Transport, a Vulcan Starship, and a Turismo Starship."
McCary: "Are thier shields up?"
Deborah, scans: "...No. It looks like most of thier systems are being drained. No one has weapons online, or can transport."
>Krane: "Tell me about it. My sonic shower isn't working, and don't even get me started on the toilet backups."
McCary: "Tianna, is there anyway we can disperse the protoplasm the same way we did when that blob was on our hull?"
Tianna: "I'm not sure, Captain. We could give it a try."
McCary, nods: "...Alright then."

The Tsunami aligns itself tactfully before the large masses of protoplasm and fires a shock wave out into space. The wave hits the protoplasm, aggravating it.
Protoplasm: "MMmhhmmm!!"

The protoplasm starts shuffling the Starship's around, inside of it, in pain.

Deborah is about to fire another wave, holding her finger above the console.
McCary: "Wait!"

The Protoplasm clams down, still holding the other Starships.
McCary: "We have to find another way."
Morris: "I agree. Destroying the Cardassian Ship is the best idea."
McCary: "I didn't say that."
Morris: "But you were going to."
McCary: "No I wasn't!"
Morris: "I see..."
McCary: "Alright, I want a meeting in the Briefing Room with all the senoir staff."
Morris: "To plan the destruction of that Cardassian Ship?"
McCary: "No!"
Morris: "Well, we'll see where the conversation leads..."