Spin-off 4D

Tsunami, Part IV

Everyone meets in the Briefing Room.
Morris: "Are we sure releasing these Ships is a good idea? It's not really our responsibility."
Silana: "We have to help them. We can't just leave them there."
McCary: "I agree."
Ralph: "How are we going to get them out?"
Deborah: "The science team may be on to a way to manipulate the deflector array to emit a kelran field. We think that field will loosen the protplasm on a molecular level."
McCary: "How soon can you get this field operational?"
Deborah: "Three hours at least."
McCary: "Get to work immediately."
Deborah: "Aye, sir."
Ralph: "What the--??"
Ralph looks out the window, at the giant blob in space with all the ships stuck in it. The Roltekk suddenly starts moving around, trying to get free.
Morris: "It's Krane."
McCary, stands: "What the hell is he doing...??"