Spin-off 4E

Tsunami, Part V

The Tsunami contacts the Roltekk which is moving around insdie the large black protoplasm.
McCary: "Krane, don't be a fool! You're aggravating the Blob!!"
>Krane: "You can't tell me what to do!"

He cuts the screen out, and continues moving his ship around. The protoplasm gets aggravated and begins morphing and moving the Starships inside of it around.

McCary: "Damn! He's going to kill himself."
Ralph: "What should we do?"
McCary: "Disable his ship... Deborah, lock phasers onto the Roltekk."
Deborah: "Locked."
McCary: "Fire!"

The Tsunami hits the Roltekk, but before they fire again, the Roltekk is released from its hold with the protoplasm. The protoplasm continues to move around aggravated, but this time begins to detach large halfs of itself. Four large Protoplasm identicals float around the main Blob... those four shoot out into space.

McCary: "Where are they going?"
Morris: "Where do you think? To get more ships..."