Spin-off 4F

Tsunami, Part VI

The Senoir Staff meets in the Briefing Room. McCary takes a moment and stands at the head of the table before addressing his crew.
McCary: "We--"
Morris: "--have to stop those giant Blobs before they take on anymore ships?"
McCary: "Yes. Good guess, Commander."
Morris: "Thank you, sir."

Everyone gets to thier stations, as the Tsunami jumps to Warp.
McCary: "Helm. Time to intercept Blob?"
Ralph: "15 minutes, sir."
McCary: "Alright. Let's show this Blob who's boss..."

The Tsunami drops Warp in the Nitroks Sector. There the giant black Blob approaches a Descenite Starship.

Onll: "Captain... there's a giant Blob on an intercept course for us!"
Ehron: "A what?"
Onll: "A giant Blob!"
Ehron: "That's ludicris!"
Onll: "Well, that's how it is."

The Blob spits out a smaller Blob that attaches itself to the Descinte's hull. The Tsunami approaches the situation.
Deborah: "It's already began its retrieval procedure."
McCary: "Ms. Deborah, destroy that Blob."

The Tsunami launches two photon torpedoes out into space. They pierce the large Blob, causing an explosion of plasma and protoplasm. Liquid blob spills out into space as the large Blob has been destroyed.
McCary: "Good shot, Ms. Deborah."
Silana: "I don't think we're going to get all the Blobs in time. There are three more out there."
McCary: "We have try anyway Councillor. This thing is a threat to Starships throughout this area of space. Protecting us from these threats comes first."

While the Captain continues talking, the small Blob on the Descinte's hull spreads strings of itself around the Ship, engulfing it.

Ralph: "Uhh, Captain, the other Blob has taken over the Descinte's ship."
McCary looks at this onscreen: "Damn. ...What's the status of thier hull?"
Deborah: "Still in tact."
McCary: "Good. That means it's not an eating kind of Blob."