Spin-off 4G

Tsunami, Part VII

The Tsunami hails the Descenite ship.
>McCary: "You must send a polaron shockwave along your hull to disable that organism!"
Ehron: "Huh? What? Who are you?"
>McCary: "This is the Federation Starship Tsunami. You must destroy that thing--"
Onll: "Captain, our hull is being compromised! --We're losing strutural integridy!!"

The Tsunami positions itself above the the Descenite ship.
McCary: "Ms. Deborah, prepare the modified beam."
Deborah: "Ready, sir."
McCary: "Fire!"
Deborah: "I'm just doing my job."

The Tsunami hits the Descnite ship, vapourizing the acidic protoplasm. But the Descnite recieves a dangerous shock, blowing two generators on its side. The Tsunami is hailed.
>Ehron: "What are you doing? You almost destroyed us!!"
McCary: "You don't understand. We destroyed that protoplasm on your hull!"
>Ehron: "Since I have not met you before, I will assume you are telling the truth."
McCary: "There are three more large blobs out there, that have to be stopped."
>Ehron: "Is there anyway we can help? I know that many of your Federation vessels are not out this far."
Deborah: "We could modify thier deflector to emit the same excessive beam."
McCary thinks this over and then nods: "Make it so."