Spin-off 4H

Tsunami, Part VIII

Federation Officers beam over to the Descenite vessel, the Decent, and modifiy thier deflector array.
Onll: "That's some good modify'n."
Tianna: "Thanks!"

As soon as they're over they return to the Tsunami. The Tsunami then prepares to go to Warp, along with the Decent.
McCary: "Alright. When you reach one of the Blob's, you must do what it takes to destroy it. We now know they can duplicate themselves."
>Ehron: "Hey, one of them tried having protoplasmic sex with my Ship, you don't have to tell me twice!"

Both ships jump to Warp in different directions. But was it too late?? The answer is No.

Just then, the Tsunami dropped Warp and approached a large Blob which was sucking on a small Ferengi Trading Post in space.
Nert: "Oooh! It's the Federation!"
A bunch of Ferengi trapped in thier Command Centre, scramble to the Communications Console.
Yoka: "Hail them!"
Juns: "They can help us!"
>McCary: "This is the Federation Starship Tsunami, just sit tight and we'll have this thing out there."
Yoka: "Oh thank you! Thank you! My associate Nert and I are forever grateful!!"
>McCary: "Wait a second... Nert?"
Nert: "Yes. What? Is there something wrong with my name? It's not corny is it?"
>McCary: "Nert who sold illegal Silillian Destroyers to Krane of Cardassia???"
All the Ferengi pause and look at eachother, fearing what this is turning into.
Nert: "Uhh, no! No! That was some other Nert!"
>McCary: "It's you! You sold those Destroyers! You did it in the name of the Federation!"
One of the Ferengi hit's Nert in the head.
Juns: "You moron! Now he will never help us!"
All the Ferengi glance at the console, returning back to there trapped fears.