Spin-of 4I

Tsunami, Part IX

Last time: "You moron! Now he will never help us!"
And now, the continuation: "You moron! Now he will never help us!"

In the Sauria sector, the Tsunami watches as the Ferengi space station Leuqia is being slowly enveloped by a morphegenic blob.

McCary: "You didn't have to repeat yourself. I heard your over-reaction the first time."
>Nert: "So, it is accurate. Is it not? Tell me it is, for the sakes of my colleague's ability to judge things."
McCary: "It's pretty accurate. But that conflicts with our mission. I won't go into details, because I'd like to negotiate a trade."
>Nert: "Oh really? Is the reason you won't go into details because those details would negate the need for a trade?"
McCary: "Uhh, no. Not at all."
Jolene: "Captain, how could you just out-right lie like that? Ugh. You're such a liar."
>Nert: "Is that true? Are you lying?"
McCary: "No, I'm not! You're just not used to Human intonations, and arbitrary claims of lying-- which, in our culture, have no bearing on the question whether someone is lying or not."
>Nert: "Well, seeing as I have no basis for comparison, I will concede. What is your proposition?"

As the blob begins to cover the Ferengi view screen, a wiper emerges from the side and wipes it off.

McCary: "My offer is just this-- you call back those weapons I'm so offended in you for selling, citing manufacturer defects, and we'll help you eradicate this crazy un-named blob stuff; the helping being that we will do all the work."
>Nert: "Are you crazy!? The Cardassians will never go for that?? Not to mention the Dominion War is over now. You have no reason to want those weapons back!"
McCary: "Krane isn't a hardcore Cardassian. He escalates and takes action against anyone. According to reports, the Cardassian government has recalled him to assist in their relief efforts but he has ignored them. Since the Federation is assisting in those efforts, their unresolved mission is our unresolved mission."
>Nert: "That's insane! Starfleet has their own stuff to deal with! Did you know that evil Romulan Tal'Aura is Praetor now?? The only real reason I can imagine is if you had a personal grudge against--- ohhh, now I see. This is personal. Well, wonderful. I get to be pulled into your bickering."
McCary: "It would help a great deal; my bickering is all I have these days. Oh, and the Tal'Aura thing isn't in my jurisdiction, but I appreciate the reference."
>Nert: "Fine. But if you ruin any more of my business, I will not have further bantering with you."
McCary: "You know the bantering is all I have, other than the bickering!"

The screen clicks off and the Tsunami fires photon torpedoes at the blob, dispersing it into nothing. The ship then rotates and jumps to warp.

It then drops out of warp in the Aquilae sector-- There, Ehron's ship has been destroyed and the blob has fully enveloped the Breen cruiser Kaxen.

Deborah: "Sir, it's Ehron's ship. They'd been under attack by the Breen."
McCary: "Who? Oh, our temporary allies. Damn Ehron's weak hull, likely weakened when we fired upon it."
Debroah: "According to scans, all the Breen on the Breen ship have been killed."
McCary: "So, the blob got onboard the Breen ship? That is the worst kind of mildew."
Ralph: "I think...... I think the blob is controlling the Breen ship??"
McCary: "Oh really? What do you have to base that on?"
Ralph: "That polaron beam heading straight for us."

The Tsunami is suddenly hit by the beam, reducing forward shields.

McCary: "Damn! That helmsmen was right!"
Ralph: "I'm still here, sir."
McCary: "Return fire. Full spread of photon torpedoes!"
Deborah: "Yeah, I was doing that until you interrupted me."

The Kaxen loses its port shields, turning in space. It then returns more polaron beams. The Tsunami fires again.

McCary: "It's nice that we've accepted their ability to control a starship. But where's the confirmation?"
Silana: "Good questioning, Captain."
McCary: "Thanks."
Tianna, enters: "Are you two bonding? That is so cliché. Anyway, I believe I can confirm the already accepted. I've been running scans on blob samples and have discovered our worst fears!"
McCary: "In that case, don't tell me. I'm already worried about a Borg attack that's taking place in an alternate timeline next year, as over-used as they are."
Tianna: "It's too late. I've already initiated explanation protocols in my brain. You see, this blob species is in fact the same species as the dark blob named Armus, from the planet Vagra II."
McCary: "The one that killed Tasha Yar, the non-team-player of the Enterprise-D???"
Tianna: "The very same-- but different."
Jolene: "Only, that's impossible, since the Armus liquid was impenetrable by phasers."
Tianna: "It's likely these are an off-shoot, originating from the same species Armus did. Hense my statement of saying they're different. It's okay. I'm not offended you missed that. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a little. But I'll be okay."
Deborah: "That creature was in a lot of pain and anger. If these blobs are undergoing similar emotional states, should we really destroy them?"
McCary: "Yes! It's the humane thing to do. Also, we've already launched our kill-shots, so it's too late. And I order you all to not have feelings toward the situation!"

The Tsunami fires two quantum torpedoes into the Kaxen, destroying it in space. With one more rampant blob to go, the Tsunami jumps to warp.