Episode 7A

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

(On the Pheonix-X)
(Transporter Room 2)
Gewdeque: Ready Ensign BOB?
BOB: Yes.
(BOB beams over to the U.S.S. Dropzone)
(On the Dropzone)
Captian Samya: Welcome aboard the Dropzone.
BOB: Thank you. I wasn't expecting you--
Samya: I know, come this way please.
(In the hallway)
BOB: Can you tell me why I'm here?
(No response)
BOB: Can you hint why I'm here?
(The two enter a small isolated room)
BOB: Oh I get it, you wanna get a little sump'n sump'n--
(Three people in the room)(The two approach the Admiral)
Samya: BOB, this is Admiral Thesius.
BOB: What's going on?
Admiral Thesius: Have a seat BOB.
(BOB sits in the chair)
BOB: What do you want?
Thesius: You've been to the Dominion, is that correct?
BOB: Yeah...
Thesius: And you've been to Cardassia.
BOB: Yeah...
Thesius: What happened at the Dominion?
BOB: Well...I got lost, and my ship was badly damaged from an asteroid belt. And when my sensors picked up the nearest planet I went there--
(Samya holds a phaser to BOB's head)
BOB: I-I-I-- I was trading a small source of Ketracel-White to a lost colony--don't shoot please!!
Thesius: Point made. You have a lot of experience with the Dominion and Cardassians.
BOB: Hey I know what you want. You want me to be your spy, you want me to give secrets I know about the Dominion to you. I'm an expert with these people, I know when they're lying, bluffing, and there next move.
Thesius: Precisely.
BOB: But I've already served as that, and my legal document with you guys is over. I'm a free Ferengi.
Thesius: Well we're asking you for a new document...
BOB: What do I get outta this? You can't force me to do anything!
Thesius: Two bricks of Gold Pressed Latinum...every month.
BOB: Two bricks of Gold Pressed Latinum...
Thesius: We'll be in constant watch of you. If your work was good that month, we'll give you the full amount. But if sloppy...then we take off as much as desired.
BOB: Okay...give me the contract, I've got your fingerprint here.
Thesius: There is no reason for you to be Ensign anymore. You are no longer part of the Federation...you are now part of me and Captian Samya.
BOB: But what about Captian Daniel and the entire bridge crew? They're gonna wanna know why I'm there.
Thesius: They all know why you're there. BOB the people of the Pheonix-X are all chosen specifically by Starfleet Command. Everyone on the ship has sworn to secrecy to the ships' secret functions. You have to take that oath.
BOB: Okay.
Thesius: But your reports go to me. Understood?
BOB: Yeah. So I'm still on the Pheonix-X eh?
Thesius: Yes, Captian Samya will take you to the next room. There you will be filled in, the oath, the contract everything. Then you'll be returned to your ship.
(BOB and Samya begin to go into the next room)
Thesius: Oh and BOB.
BOB: Yeah?
Thesius: Welcome to your new life.

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