Series 1B

Star Trek: Reloaded
Chapter 1

Shots flew out from the warehouse. Lei wasn't going to just sit there. He got up and ran along the parking lot, ducking bullets flying overhead. He made it to the roadside, leaping over the hood of his Corvette.

He wrapped a cloth around the wound in his leg and turned on his car. The Corvette sped around and sped down the street, after the Raiden's grey car.

Lei: "Don't be a fool Raiden!"
He yelled as he drove up beside him.

Raiden: "You just don't quit, do you!?"
He pulls his grey car over, ramming against the Corvette. Lei slams his Corvette right back against the grey car, returning the favor.

Raiden loses control and tries to break, as the grey car spins down the road and smashes against a tree. The tree is just outside a large forest. Raiden, gets out, okay, and runs off with his suitcase deep into the forest.

Lei screeches his Corvette to a stop and jumps out. He puts his handgun in his belt holder as he takes a shotgun out the grey Car and runs on after Raiden.


They both push past leaves and bushes through the forest.

Raiden starts to lose his breath until he finds an open area where a strangely structured vehicle sits. A back door unlatches from the structure as a strange green looking man walks over from the forest. The green man has collected tree branches.
Kelik: "I hope these taste good. I'm so hungry."

Kelik, a Suliban, enters the structure, which is actually a small starship shuttle of some sort. Raiden figures the guy has some disease, until he hears Lei coming.

Raiden sneaks into the shuttle and looks at all the flashy controls in confusion.

The shuttle, which is actually a 30th Century timeship, suddenly starts hovering off the ground. The door hatch begins to close, while Lei steps out into the open area seeing this. His eye immediately catches Raiden, inside the hovering timeship.
Lei: "Raiden!!"

Lei runs and leaps onto the closing hatch. Raiden runs deeper inside the timeship, intending on hijacking it. Lei climbs inside as the hatch closes.

The timeship ascends up into the sky, knocking a flock of birds off course. The timeship speeds out the atmosphere into space.

Raiden enters the control room and picks up Kelik and slams him against the console.
Raiden: "Where am I!? What is this thing!?"
Kelik: "Ackk!! --Erg-- don't-- kill-- me--!!"
Raiden: "I'm taking over this government cover-up space ship!"
Kelik, struggles: "I crash landed here from the future, you fool!"
Raiden swipes Kelik's frequency disruptor and aims it: "I said, I'm taking it over..."
Kelik goes over to a wall as Raiden takes the helm, still aiming the disruptor with his other hand. Raiden starts tapping at the control panel, trying to figure it out.
Kelik: "Oh no! The station doesn't even know I time-jumped. No one's going to know about this and fix the alteration to the timeline!"
Lei: "Nice try, Raiden..."
Lei enters the control room, aiming the shotgun at Raiden, who turns around.
Raiden: "Lieutenant! ...You're like some kind of unstoppable... person!"
Kelik: "You primordial idiots! Don't you realize where you are!?"
Lei looks out the front window and sees space and all the stars in it. Raiden uses this opportunity to grab the nose of the shotgun, pulling it away.
Raiden: "Argh!"
The shotgun is fired, piercing the helm controls. Electric currents ride along the panels in the background as Raiden and Lei struggle for the weapon.
Kelik: "Aahh!!!"

Raiden steps back and is about to fire his disruptor, but the timeship suddenly jerks.


The timeship flows with energy, and warps through space, jumping to sometime in the future... the 24th Century. The timeship spins out of control through space.

Kelik gets to the helm, trying to regain control. He's suddenly shocked with energy from the panels and knocked unconscious. Raiden fires the disruptor into Lei's chest, sending Lei into the other wall and also unconscious.

The ship's computer compromises the uncontrolled energy currents until they disappear.
#Computer: "Defected controls have been re-routed to Workstation 7."
Panels light up in another part of the front controls, showing the resaved configurations. Raiden walks over and accesses them.
Raiden: "Err-- Uh, how do I... fly the space ship...?"
#Computer: "Primary helm controls are located here."
Certain alien shapes on the panels light up, as Raiden figures them out.