Episode 20B

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Fight, Part III

Gotens(checks sensors): That's wierd, there's no one down there... Oh that's right, I'm in the wrong century.
(He accesses the controls. The ship disappears in a flash and reappears 24 centuries later. The Phoenix-X floats in front of it and starts firing on the Klokian ship. The ship shakes like crazy)
Gotens(taps his commbadge): Hey, it's me!!
(The firing stops)
*Armond(on screen): Oh sorry.
Gotens: Where's the Captian? I just found out these Klokian people are badguys.
*Armond: He's been captured by them.
Gotens(checks sensors): ...Damn. The Klokian's aren't on this planet in this century either.
*Armond: I know. We don't know what to do.
Gotens(taps at the panels): ...Drop your shields. I'm gonna put a Klokian Time Bubble around the both of us.
(Armond nods. Gotens accesses auto navigation again and both the Klokian vessel and the Phoenix-X disappear in a flash. They reappear 15 centuries later in the same spot)

(On the Phoenix-X)
Red: The planet is inhabited. 12 thousand Klokians.
Armond: Ready the Sonan weapon... We're gonna wipe them all out...
*Gotens: Wait! I have to get the Captain out first.
(6 enemy Klokian ships fly from the planet towards the Phoenix-X and start firing)
Armond: Thier weapons are 15 centuries more sophisticated than ours; hurry!!

(Gotens nods and takes the small ship down onto the red planet. It manovers by many industrial looking buildings. He accesses auto navigation again. The ship lands infront of the Q Conversion Centre. He jumps out and runs inside the factory)
Gotens: So much for security.
(He sees hallway after hallway and then suddenly bumps into a Klokian)
Kloka: Hey!!
Gotens(jabs his fingers into the neck pulses of Kloka): I have just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be dead within 58 seconds if you don't tell me how to get to the Captian.
Kloka(falls to his knees): Argh-- take a left, a right, two lefts, two rights, another left, a right, go straight past the Q rejection chambers, a left, another left, left again and right---argh!!
Gotens(jabs again, releasing the pulses): Thanks.
(Gotens runs down the hallways)
Kloka(gets up and rubs his neck): I hope I don't get fired for this.

(Klokian and Sonan stand before the disecting machine. Klokain places the sphere into the socket. Spikes from the machine suddenly jab into the sphere)
*Daniel(inside the sphere): Owe!!
Klokian: Machine will now suck the life away from you.
(The machine powers up)
*Daniel: AAaaahh!!
(The Daniel entity fights to stay in the sphere but is sucked out into the machinery.)
Klokian: It is the end for you.
(Daniel is pulled through a shining blast of spkey energy. He feels his life begin to end)
*Daniel(looks at what's up coming): Arrgghh-- ...he's right...
(Daniel's life ends in the machine.)
Daniel(a record scratches): --Wait a second.
(Klokain and Sonan turn around to see him standing there)
Klokian: What the--?
Daniel: You've only caught 8 Q's in the past 3 cycles of the universe?
Klokian: Get him!!
Sonan(cracks his knuckles): ...
Daniel(blasts a beam of energy at Sonan): Don't forget who's the better Q.
(Sonan goes flying into the machine, smashing it.)
Sonan(gets up): Arrgghh!!!
Klokian(shakes his head in disappointment): Another failure. Klokian send you to Greece.
Sonan: No! --I'll get you back for this Daniel. I will have my revenge!!
(Sonan runs away)

(Gotens turns a corner and passes the Q Rejection Chambers.)
Kloki(working, pulls a lever): Okay, let's send these rejections to ancient Greece.
(Sonan runs by Gotens)
Sonan: I'm outta here!!

(Daniel blasts Klokian, but has no effect on him)
Daniel: What the--? That was a lot of power.
Klokian(attacks): Q power not effective on Klokian. One touch of me and you will suffer!!
Daniel(dodges him): Jeez. Watch where you put that thing.
(Klokian leaps and is about to tackle Daniel, but Gotens comes from the side and tackles Klokian from mid air. They roll and crash)
Klokian: Aaarrrgghh!! How dare you!!
Gotens(gets up): You couldn't handle this short guy?
Daniel(shrugs): Where've you been? My crew always waits to the last minute.
Gotens: Let's get outta here.
Daniel(touches the wall): Darn, I can't get through thier matter either. What universe are these things from?
Gotens(runs): Don't worry, I know the way out. It's a left, three rights, straight, left, right, left, left, right, right, left, right, then we're out.
Daniel: Sounds easy enough. Well, it looks you did come through for me in the end after all--even though you probably helped the cause.
Gotens(shrugs): I just needed a little convicing from a certain Warroir Princess.
Daniel: Huh? What are you talking about?
Gotens: Uhh...
Daniel(gets mad): Was there some kind of Crossover?
Gotens: No sir.
Daniel: Alright then, let's go. Commander to Ops, load quanntum torpedoes and fire! Bring transwarp engines online, engage!!

(The Phoenix-X is damaged badly from attacks. More Klokian ships arrive. They scatter around the Phoenix-X like flies. The Phoenix-X shakes)
Armond(holding on): Any signs of the Commander or the Captian!?
(A support beam falls)
Red: I dunno, sensors are knocked out!!
Kayl: Look, a Klokian ship coming towards us!!
Armond: Kayl, they're all coming towards us!!
Ensign Dan(enters the bridge): I guess this is a bad time for me.
*Gotens: Commander Gotens to Phoeinx-X, fire your Sonan weapon!!
Armond(nods to Kayl): Okay, you heard him!
*Daniel: Hey, I give the orders around here!
*Daniel: Just do what he said.
Kayl: I can't! It's the time distortion from all the Klokian ships! I might fire into the wrong century!!

(The space between the swarming Fleet of Klokian Ships and the Phoenix-X begins to bend and warp)

(Gotens turns to Daniel)
Gotens: We have to get rid of all those ships.
Daniel: I dunno if I can do it. I don't have control over my all my powers.
(Gotens takes the ship into the swarm and fires torpedoes at the enemy ships. Space seems to distort with all the ships close together.)
Gotens: Two ships, port and starbourd!! Shields down to 32%!!
(Daniel looks at the incoming ships and makes them disappear)
Gotens: Another one!
(Daniel makes that one disappear.)
Gotens(calms down): Okay, that should be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooouuuuuuu.......eb dluohs taht , yakO-- !!Eno rehtona --
(The ship hits a time current.)
Gotens: Two ships, port and starbourd!! Shields down to 32%!!
(Daniel looks around in confusion)
Daniel(checks the status panel): The auto navigation is interfacing with the time controls! The time distortion must be altering the matter configuration of our controls.

(They find themselves landed on the Klokian planet in front of the Q Conversion Centre)
Kloka(standing outside): Hey!
Gotens: What are we doing here?
(The control panel snaps with static. The ship shakes from torpedo fire.)
Daniel: This doesn't make any sense, there's no ship here.

(They look out the window again and instead of the red sky of the Klokian planet, they see a blue sky. An army of humans approach the crashed ship.)
Gotens: Artimus!
Don(outside): What is this thing?
Artimus(outside): It seems to be a demon creation!! Aries was right! We have destroy these things!!
(The army runs past the ship, the ground rumbles)
(Army): Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Gotens: The ship is going backwards to its previous places.
Daniel(snaps): I can get us out of here.

(They go back in time relevant to the ship, to the beggining when it was inhabited by Gotens and Klokian, who appear beside them. They look at the original Gotens and Daniel in confusion)
Gotens2: Captian?
Klokian(holding the sphere): Klokian confused.
Gotens(grabs the sphere): The time machine is made from Q material, maybe I can suck in the extra material we got from the other ships with this thing.
(The sphere sucks in the static on he control panel)

(They go back in time relevant to the ship when Xena and Gotens return to it on Greece. A third Gotens, and a bunch of people are suddenly at the door of the ship.)
Xena: What will you do now?
Gotens3: I've been neglecting my duties long enough. I think it's time I went back--

*Armond: Captian, come in! We're clear--
(The Greek scenery flashes into stars and the Phoenix-X and then suddenly back to the greek scenery. Klokian grabs Gotens and takes the sphere back and runs out)
Gotens: Hey!!
Aries: What's happening?
Daniel: Quiet!! I'm trying to concentrate!
*Armond: --You're in the way, we can't fire with you in the--
(The background flashes)
Gotens(yells to Armond): Fire!! Armond, fire!!
Xena(runs in): I got the sphere!

(The sphere is static from the Q material. Xena disappears and goes back in time relevant to the sphere, when it was first taken in the Phoenix-X Sickbay)
Lox: Who are you?
Xena(holding onto the sphere as its on the table): What the?
(Gotens and Daniel are arguing)
Daniel: ...You are supposed to be on the Bridge dealing with the alien vessel that we've encountered.
Gotens: Uh. I hardly think Starfleet's interested in things like that.
Xena(looks over at them): Fire he said! He said fire!! Tell Armond to fire!!
Daniel(taps his commbadge): Daniel to Armond, are you expecting any visitors?

(The sphere starts to become static again. Xena quickly notices a commbadge on everyone in the room. She quickly grabs the comm badge off of Doctor Lox and finds herself back on earth with Daniel and the three Gotenss)

Daniel(turns around): Xena's back. She's going the opposite direction in time now!

(A static connection from the sphere to the control panel occurs. Xena travels through time to where the Klokian Fleet is swarming the Phoenix-X. She finds herself alone on the ship, in space in front of a swarm of Klokian ships and the Phoenix-X.)

Xena(presses the commbadge): Fire!! Armond, fire!!
*Armond: Who's this?
Xena(presses a button on the panel): Fire!!
(The Klokian ship fires on the Phoenix-X)
*Armond: Hey!
*Kayl: I'm going to fire the Sonan weapon.
*Armond(nods): Okay. The Captian and Commander seem to be gone.
(Xena suddenly disappears)

(The Phoenix-X loads its ultimate weapon. The torpedo banks fire a ball of energy. It slowly goes out then suddenly releases a massive beam of Q energy towards the Klokian ships and planet. The blast dies down and all the ships and planet suddenly disppear in a flash)
Armond: There, we've destroyed them.
Shane: Are you sure? It looked more like they disappeared in a flash.

(Xena appears on the Kloakin ship)
Gotens: The firing stopped.
Daniel(looks at the control panel and confidently snaps his finger): And now, so has the time static.
(Klokian comes back)
Klokian: Give Klokian the sphere!!
Xena(tosses it to him): Here.
(The static from the sphere grabs Klokian and Gotens2. They disappear in a flash)
Xena: I will not be coming back here.
Daniel: Thanks Xena.
(She steps off the ship with Gotens3.)
Gotens3: I still have no idea what's going on.
Gotens(accesses the panel): Just gotta return everyone to thier own time--or dimension.
(The ship flashes and still sits there)
Gotens3: Okay.

(The ship appears in front of the Phoenix-X)
Daniel: Finally, we're home.
*Armond: Not exactly, we're still in the 39th Century.
Gotens(accesses the panel): I guess I have to take care of that too.
(The Phoenix-X and the Klokian ship flash back 15 centuries.)
Daniel(glances at Gotens): I think we have just stumbled onto a whole new level of this trekking thing.
Gotens(wines): Oh man.
Daniel(taps his commbadge): Captian to Phoenix-X. Beam us up, tractor this ship into the shuttle bay, and take us back into Federation space.
*Armond: Aye Cap'n.