Spin-off 1E

Vitality, Part V

The Steamrunner-class USS Vitality sped through transwarp on a course for the Neutral Zone. Captain Picard entered the Bridge to a hesitant crew.

McCoy: "Do you really think it's smart for us to just waltz right on into the hands of our enemies? For godsakes, man, they could just blow us right out of cold space."

Picard: "Weather it's smart or not is not what's important here. We contacted the heads of each faction and have offered a peace. It's what must be done."

O'Brien: "No offense sir, but it seems a little risky."

Tuvok: "Risky or not, we do have an 'ace' up our sleeve, so to speak. The sphere containing a Q appears to be a weapon of immense power."

Hoshi: "Thanks to a little coaching from the holograms running a special project studying that thing, I've been able to decipher the sphere's 'language'. I can launch several concentrated destructive energy beams out into space."

Picard: "All of which is a last resort. I expect all of you not to question my orders. I intend to resolve this inter-galactic problem without the use of violence."

The Vitality dropped transwarp and was met with several large starships, each from a conflicting power from one section of the galaxy.

>Kloakk: "Is it true what they say? That you are the last remaining Human's of the 36th century?"

Picard: "We are in fact clones. But we do represent Humanity."

>Throap: "It doesn't matter who you are. The High Command is on the brink of destruction, and you are making a desperate play to save yourselves."

>Apoch: "I agree. Victory is within our grasp."

>Logiket: "Fool! It is us who will be winning this war!"

Picard: "Several centuries ago, Humanity was nearly wiped out by the Android War. Look at us as evidence of what can and will happen if this aggression continues."

>Throap: "That was your doing, for having led the Federation-Alliance War of the 28th century to only create more enemies."

>Kloakk: "The question remains, how will you extend an olive branch, so to speak, of peace? Will you give up your captured Q sphere? Oh? Surprised we know about them? We created them! In fact, we detect spheres on all enemy vessels right here, right now!"

>Logiket: "Don't think we won't use them against you."

Picard: "I'm surprised to hear that everyone is in possession of one of these things. But I will gladly give up our sphere if it would mean peace. Your people created them, I suggest you take them all. Perform your high form data scans of our vessel; you will see we are telling the truth."

>Throap, scans: "Their heart rates are nominal. But that can easily be faked."

>Apoch: "Agreed. This is obviously a trick! We've taken out several of your hologram fleets and this will be no different!"

The communications cut off and all the alien ships start opening fire on each other. More vessels drop transwarp and join the fight.

McCoy: "Well that turned out worse than we expected."

O'Brien: "Don't we have temporal operatives and timeships from past centuries to prevent this sort of thing?"

Picard: "It is likely those avenues aren't in operation for events of their future. In any case, we did get what we came for, correct?"

Hoshi: "Yes, Captain. We were able to piggy back their high form scans and acquire their active-fleet databases-- thanks to 36th century Borg algorithms."

Picard: "Plan B it is. We shall use this information for future attacks."

McCoy: "So you're passionate plea for peace was a farce?"

Picard: "It was a hope, Doctor. --Hoshi, begin operating the Q sphere. Helm, evasive maneuvers."

Amp: "Aye, Captain."

More ships arrive from several factions, wiping entire groupings of ships with powerful beams, until another, single solitary ship, an Iconian dreadnaught appears and hails all vessels.

>Stephen: "Greetings all races of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are the dreadnaught Imhotep. We're also the Humans you fear so much."

>Throap: "So you represent the High Command?"

>Stephen: "Unfortunately, no. We are the defeaters of the Iconians and conquerors of Organians. We exist as a lone ship and our mind control powers have allowed us power beyond your imaginations. We don't even need weapons to kill you all."

>Kloakk: "Impossible!?? My species lives in the 39th century???"

>Stephen: "Yes, your people are to become our servitor race. As for the rest of you, I will command the Organians to take care of this."

Suddenly, more than 90-percent of the ships in the vicinity are torn from space, left into pieces. The Vitality and a few of Kloakk's ships remain.

Picard: "This is Captain Picard of the High Command. We come in peace."

>Stephen: "We will judge your worthiness in time. That is why I have not destroyed you. In the meanwhile, we have a galaxy to conquer. Tally-ho!"

The Imhotep disappears, leaving the Vitality to its self.

McCoy: "Is that what we've become, Captain? That's our precious Humanity? Well, I don't want any part in it."