Clips 6A

Earth Spacedock, Part I
Captain Aeris - Transporter Room

Aeris beamed onto the giant transporter pad and was met with Commander Barnes, an enthusiastic older Benzite.

"You wanted to see me?" the human asked. "You guys finally have a mission for me?"

Barnes held up a small, alien statue. "No, I just wanted to share this amazing find Captain Terry discovered on his adventures into deep space and beyond! It's an ancient Verathan depiction of one of their sub-ossemites. It's eating a baby ossemite."

"Dude, I've been sitting on my ship doing nothing for weeks! There's Na'Khul everywhere, my Sovereign-class starship has way too many decks and the LC's are dead-- oh, the Lethean Cetaceans, to clarify."

The Benzite was taken aback in a stutter. "I just-- thought you liked old alien things that haven't been scanned for bacteria yet--?"

"I like the ones I find! Terry is like a twitchy Android on anti-matter waste. Who cares what he discovers? I'm going to Club 47 for a drink." Aeris threw out her arms in defeat and took the short-cut corridor out.