Clips 6B

Earth Spacedock, Part II
Captain Terry - Food Court

Snapping out of petting his tribble, Terry turns to two Captains who were comparing ship battle stories.

"Well, I've got you both beat. A navigation glitch knocked my ship into a new Fek'lhri invaded space, where I fought for weeks, battling in both space and invading hordlings aboard my ship. A ravager asked me to marry her, and in pure delusion-drenched battle I agreed. We now have two kids, and they refuse to visit on weekends! How hard is it to visit? At least I have these tribbles."

He notices Nat and Krystal's blank stares.

"Oh, I'm Captain Terry of the Vesta-class U.S.S. Kitana! She's a good ship. Not sure how it works though."