Spin-off 1B

Vitality, Part II

Picard, Tuvok, O'Brien and Hoshi enter the Bridge looking at all the hover-consoles and side technologies. McCoy follows behind.
McCoy: "Well, does anybody know how to work this damn thing?"
Hoshi, goes over to a panel: "I think this is communications."
Tuvok finds tactical, and Picard approaches three chairs at the center of the Bridge.

Holographic human crew are all over the Ship, conducting standard operations and procedures. A hologram approaches them.
Amp: "Greetings. My name is Amp."
Picard and the others just momentarily glance at each other.
Amp, gets to the helm: "I have some good piloting skills, but I may need some guidance... Unless, one of you want to helm it?"
He turns around.
McCoy: "Well don't look at me."
Picard: "Uh, we're... not completely sure of the details of the situation."
Amp: "Let me fill you in."
The ship is hit by a disrupter gel.
Amp: "...We're under attack."

The Steamrunner Class Vitality detatches the almost destroyed Starbase, and soars around. It blasts two green torpedo blobs of gel out into space.

Two sharp Alien ship's fly around, each getting hit by one of the torpedo gels.

Tuvok, studying the upper-middle console: "I am unfamilliar with these weapons systems."
Picard looks back over to Amp, waiting for him to keep talking.
Amp, working the helm: "They're called the Klokian's... a poisonus skinned multi-dimensional reptillian-like species."

The Vitality flys straight for the two enemy Vessels, dropping gel mines out its side.

Picard, turns around: "Do you know what you're doing?"
Tuvok, tapping at panels: "Possibly."

Amp pulls the Vitality upwards and out the way as two rows of gel mines flow into and against the two oncoming Klokian Battle Cruisers.

Amp: "Well it looks like this upgraded piece of crap ship is better than I thought."
O'Brien and Hoshi are at the side, assessing the glowing ball of energy.
O'Brien: "What are you so jolly about? We have aboslutely no idea of anything in this Century!"
Hoshi: "We don't belong here."

Klokian Battle Cruiser 1 breaks formation and flys overhead the Vitality, pumping gel's into its hull. The Vitality takes on damage and is pushed down in momentum.

Amp: "We have to get that ball of energy to the High Command!"

The Vitality rotates around and points upwards in space, launching gels at Klokian Cruiser 1. The Cruiser's engines are kocked offline in a burst of flamming plasma.

Picard, walks over: "Why...? Why is that so important?"
Amp, still working the helm: "Because the Klokian's want it, and the Omni-X's want it. They've plunged the entire Galaxy into War because of these things!"

Klokian Cruiser 2 nosedives, grabbing the Vitality with a pulsating tractor beam and pulling them along.

O'Brien, checks internal systems: "They've got us! ...I think I may know what to do..."

He works the panels, sending a feedback pulse along the tractor beam, exploding the Klokian Crusier's emitter. The Cruiser goes spinning away, but blasts a final large disrupter gel.

The Vitality is hit hard and shakes like crazy. Panels beep and conduits blow energy particles.
Hoshi, scans: "They're coming back!"

Klokian Cruiser 1 regenerates new engines and flys around, along with Crusier 2 which re-establishes itself. They both fly straight for the Vitality.

McCoy, approaches the helm: "Don't you see? We're not cut out for this Century. We won't last five seconds here!"

Amp turns the Vitality towards the Starbase, as Tuvok follows his lead by firing torpedo gels at it. The Starbase suddenly explodes, as the Vitality passes it and speeds away from the shockwave.

The two Klokian Cruisers fly into it and are annihilated in chaos, sending large pieces trucking through space.

Amp: "You must accept your situation and deal with it... because... we just blew up the Starbase."

The Vitality ducks one of the large pieces of ship and speeds off into deep space.