Spin-off 1A

Vitality, Part I

An EMH entered a rundown Starbase's Medical Center where five Bio-Regeneration Alcove's lined the side wall. Inside each Alcove was a person, unconscious.
#Computer: "Regeneration cycle complete."

The EMH then walked over to a console and shifted a few hovering shapes around. These five were his only hope.
EMH: "Here goes nothing."

Each person slowly woke up.
Picard: "Ugh..."
Captain Picard opened his eyes and looked around the room in confusion.
Picard: "What... Where am I...?"
He could barely form a thought.
EMH: "Just relax. It's going to take you a minute or so to get your cognitave abilities going."

The others started stepping out thier Alcoves, just awoken from sleep.
O'Brien: "What the...?"
Captain Picard looked over at him in surprise: "Chief."
Tuvok, stepped out... and so did Ensign Hoshi Sato... and so did Doctor Leonard H. McCoy. They were all speechless and unsure how they got there.

EMH: "Now just be calm everyone. I know you have questions."
McCoy: "Questions..."
He looked around and then over at the EMH.
McCoy: "You're damn right we have questions!"

The EMH walked over. The Medical Center was a mess.
EMH: "This is going to be kind of a shock to you, but you're all... clones."

The Starbase suddenly shook from torpedo fire. A beam fell in the background. They were under attack.

The five were too stunned to think about that.
Hoshi glanced over at Tuvok and then the hologram: "Clones?"
EMH: "Yes. I created all of you from gene samples in the Federation Database."
The Starbase shook again, causing them to almost lose thier footing.
Tuvok: "You may forgive my skeptism."
The EMH went to a back area and pulled a glowing white ball of energy out. It was the size of a basketball. The Energy Ball had parts of technology assimilated around it.
EMH: "I understand completely."
He pressed a few buttons on the Energy Ball, keeping its structure in tact.
Picard: "What year is this?"
EMH: "I'm not sure."
He went over to a wall console and moved shapes around.
EMH: "All I can tell you is that we're sometime way past the 35th Century."
McCoy: "That's impossible!"
EMH: "No, it's not."
He hands the ball of Energy to Picard.
EMH: "There hasn't been any people on this Starbase for months. This is probably the last place in the Galaxy that has anything to do with Human's."
Picard: "Now hold on just a minute--"
EMH: "I created you because I need you people to deliver this to the High Command."
The Starbase shakes violently and the EMH returns to his console.
EMH: "There's a Ship outside, it's being run by a holographic crew."
McCoy: "You can't just expect us to believe all this!?"
O'Brien: "Yeah. Why us?"
EMH: "You were all chosen randomly; even though I picked most of you from the Enterprise directory."
He leads them over to a table where floating holograms show star systems and flying ships.
EMH: "The High Command is here. They'll only let people with bio signatures through the gravitic force fields."
Hoshi: "...And that's why we're delivering this ball of Energy and not you?"
EMH: "Exactly."
He leads them out to the hallway, to a window showing a Steamrunner Class vessel floating out in space.
EMH: "That's the USS Vitality. The guys at the Shipyard found it and refitted it with new technolgy and bio-electric grids."

The others glanced at each other again.

O'Brien: "I can't believe I'm a clone... A clone!"
EMH: "I'm not sure what your age refrences are. That part of the procedure was random. You may have memories from your original copies correlated to your age."
O'Brien, thinks for a second: "The last thing I remember was being at Starfleet Command. I was... taking up a teaching job..."

The Starbase shakes again. Pretty badly this time. A part of it, explodes.

EMH: "You guys have to get out of here... go!"
He pushes Picard.
EMH: "Just follow your command structure, and take the Vitality to the High Command. If you have any questions, just ask the crew!"

The Starbase is hit hard, and the lights and systems start blinking offline. The EMH suddenly snaps offline.
Hoshi: "Where'd he go?"
McCoy: "I for one, don't believe him."
Picard: "Believe him or not, he's right. We have to get out of here."
Tuvok: "I agree."

The Starbase shakes violently, as two sharp Alien vessels soar around blasting disrupter gels onto it.