Spin-off 8E

Crucial, Part V

Harley Menrow:
Captain's log, Stardate 59864.4

The USS Crucial has suffered an attack by the Ferengi Marauder, Diamond's Link, who have been stubborn enough to avoid our hails. I ordered everyone on the Crucial to not respond to any of their hails, should they send some, in order to see what it feels like, but alas, the Ferengi have not bothered. Damn them! We Starfleet types are very busy people. We can't just sit here and be attacked by Ferengi. Pause log.

Resume log. It would appear that the Ferengi have hailed us. I took off the ban on responding to them, so I could hear what they had to say. Apparently they mistook us for another starship! Those bastards! I mean-- yeah, I guess they can be forgiven.

In the meantime, Lieutenant Barley seems to be doing fine. I heard about the seperation between him and the woman he loves. Poor guy. He can be late for all the shifts he wants. That's one pain that I can't mess with.

Oh and also, the Doctor has freed me from speaking any technobabble-talk because it causes stress. It's so true that you can use stress to avoid anything nowadays! Now I call the view-screen the big-square-thingy. It is so much better and made speaking to the Ferengi much more comforting. And my chair is now called an ass-home. Yeah, I'm not as stressed as before... that is, if you don't count the attacks to the ship that nearly destroyed our Warp core.

Nah, I guess you can count that. Bring on more attacks, Ferengi. I'll just sit here and take 'em. Heh heh. Who's the smarter one now? Heh.

End log.