Spin-off 8F

Crucial, Part VI

Counselor's log, Stardate 59864.5

If I have to hear one more sob story from Lieutenant Barley, I swear I'll--!!!! Calm down. Deep breaths... After all, they're nothing compared to Ferona...

Now to recap recent events; it's obvious the Ferengi are no match for us. The Crucial has in fact taken them down. But what is the source of the Ferengi's discourse? There's an emotional problem here that we should get to the bottom of.

I've had my share of emotional problems, like the time I was dating for a while. Men are just too much sometimes. All they want is to be cuddled. I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Perhaps it's just my experiences which have wearied me. I'd rather stick to my profession now, which is counseling.

I've got it! The Ferengi value money, so they must think we have something of value. But what? Money? It's worth more investigation.

End log.