Spin-off 8D

Crucial, Part IV

Engineer's log, Stardate 59864.3

Yeah, great. I install a new system my superior tells me to and it erases the whole ship's log database! Great! Not only does the new LCARs system mess everything up, but I get the blame for it! Well here's news for you, Captain, it was your Chief Engineer's idea! That's right. If it wasn't for Grunley, I wouldn't be in this blame-hole. Wait a second... now that I think of it, Grunley's been blaming me for every bad thing that's happened since I've served on this ship! Ugh!!! Alright, calm, calm. Deep breaths, Ferona. Deep breaths... That's what the Counselor suggests. Jeanne is pretty good at what she does. She got me out of that whole "nacelle explosion" fiasco. It turned out Grunley didn't feel like aligning the plasma inducers that one day. Man! Who doesn't know to do that? It's the simplest proceedure in the--- right, right, deep breaths. I'm good. I'm calm... Not like Grunley, who broke the Counselor's vase before my session. I think he was trying to prove his combat skills. Anyway, I'd better get back to work... someone has to maintain the ship's Warp core around here. Oh that's right, no one knows it's me.

End log.