Spin-off 8C

Crucial, Part III

Chief of Security's log, Stardate 59864.2

Man is fighting hard! I would rather build a stone castle than engage in more practice with my team. People wonder how I got through the Academy without failing the combat training test? Well let's just say I didn't exactly graduate the top of my class... that and I slept with the instructor. What?? I can't possibly be condemmed for that! It was true love; a thing of rarity! It was, and people always find that hard to believe. Her name's Clarissa and she's the most beautiful, intelligent woman in the world. She's currently stationed at Deep Space 5 right now and I'm due to see her again in less than a month. Why do my fellow co-workers think that I faked my true feelings for her in order to graduate Starfleet? Can't they believe in true love for once? Hmm. Perhaps it's these feelings that have always clouded my concentration to my profession... Oh man. If that's true, then I'm really doomed! Crap, I'd better talk to Clarissa about this and see what she thinks. I mean, Counselor's are just too much nowadays. It's always relax this and don't break that vase! Man, I can't wait to talk to Clarissa about this. I love her, and maybe we can talk about that love since it's my favourite subject when I'm with her. Seeya!

End log.