Spin-off 8B

Crucial, Part II

Harley Menrow:
Captain's personal log, Stardate 59863.9

Trekking through the stars on some kind of ridiculously boring adventure is not fun. When you have to wear the uniform and talk the techno-talk day-in and day-out, your mind starts to drone and warp... AH! I said warp! Dammit! There is no getting away from it all.

Well I guess I should start with today's events. You see, this morning Lieutenant Ferona lost all log enteries in the computer. She tried installing a LCARS system called LCARS 2.0, but ended up corrupting the database. Now we all have to start our log entries over again! What about that time I saved the universe by time-travelling? It's now a complete waste! You know, I hurt my back doing that!

Now Ferona has us on this new log entry system. She says these are backed up and won't be lost to the USS Crucial's follies. Stupid ship! If I wasn't busy doing this entry, I'd kick it right now. Wait, actually I think I will.... excuse me.......

.....Hah! I kicked it. That does feel a little better. Being a Starfleet Captain has its advantages I guess. Well, anyway, at least we can make entries again. Until next time, log entry. Hopefully you won't suffer the incompetence of Ferona. Hah! I said something insulting about someone not here! I'm the smartest man alive. Well, so long.

End log.