Spin-off 7G

Immortal Coil, Part VII

The Federation Nova-class starship Blade approaches Qo'noS and the Mercedes that's in orbit of it.
ZKel: "Blade requesting open channel with Mercedes."
>Ace, goes on screen: "Mercedes here."

Meanwhile in one of the cities on the surface, Sith enters a medical facility where Commander Wrexet has been placed under a bio-examination chamber.
Ha'vi, doctor: "Scans indicate that whatever was on him, is definitely the same kind of thing that's on you."
Sith walked over slowly, feeling a strange extrasensory recollection: "...Mind-meld..."
Thorn: "Captain?"
Sith: "This is who I contracted the parasite from. I'm sure of it. What happened to him might be the answer to what's happening to me. An autopsy may tell us more."
Ha'vi, throws down a laser-device: "What do I look like? Your servant!? I don't perform autopsies for pitiful Humans!"
Thorn walks his way out the room laughing: "Hahaha! Klingon women."
Sith, approaches her begging: "What are you talking about? I'm the least pitiful Human ever to be Human!"
Ha'vi points out the window to a shorter building across the street: "If you can best Yavita in a Level 10 match, then I will consider an autopsy."
Sith looks out the window to the public building below. He then gets a strange feeling from it that he can't explain.
Sith: "...Hmm."

He takes a turbolift down to the lobby and runs out the medical facility onto the dirt road, walking fast.
#Lisa: "Lisa to Captain Sith. We need your help up here."
Sith, taps his commbadge: "Hey Lisa. How equipped do you think our Sickbay is for autopsies?"
#Lisa: "Captain! The U.S.S. Blade has taken orbit with us! They need to have a meeting with you immediately."
Sith: "Understood. I'll be up in a minute."

He enters the building labelled Battle Arena. Inside the arena, groups of loud Klingons surround a fight, cheering the fighters on.

One of the fighters is a human looking woman. She smacks the back of her bat'leth across her Klingon opponents face. The Klingon falls to the floor but gets up quickly, dodging another attack.

Rohen, in the crowd: "Yaha!! Hahaha! Kill him!"
Sith, walks over: "What is she?"
Rohen: "El-Aurian."
Sith: "El-Aurian? They're not fighters."
Rohen: "Ha! El-Aurians are whatever they want to be!"
He goes back to watching the fight.

As soon as it's over, another two Klingons battle it out. Sith leaves to the next room which is a bar. He notices the woman taking her place behind it.
Sith: "I'm looking for Yavita."
Yavita, cleaning a glass: "I'm Yavita. I own this establishment. How can I help you?"
Sith: "You fight good."
Yavita, stops cleaning and looks at him: "You have quite the parasite. Luckily it doesn't reach that cute face of yours."
Sith immediately takes a seat at the bar: "Uh, thanks? You know, I get this strange feeling when I look at you."
Yavita: "That's funny. You don't even know me. Can you pick up women as well as you can fight?"
Sith: "Can you fight as well as you challenge?"
Yavita, puts down the glass, smiling at him: "That sounds like a challenge yourself."
Sith, leans in: "Bring it on."

Sith and Yavita enter the Battle Arena. Most of the Klingons have left, except for a few who are drinking and talking at distant tables.
Sith: "The Klingon Doctor across the street told me to fight you at Level 10...?"
Yavita, picking a bat'leth off the wall: "Haha! Very few have been able to reach that level with me. Ha'vi has been trying for years!"
She walks over placing a small device on Sith's neck and one on hers.
Yavita: "This regulates the synaptic responses. It will increase your reaction time as the computer recognizes what level we are on."

Sith takes a mek'leth off the wall.
Yavita: "Begin."
Sith clashes his mek'leth sword against Yavita's block. Yavita swings multiple kicks around, as Sith backs away millimetres from each kick. They clash their swords against each other, from different angle after angle until Yavita hooks her foot around Sith's leg, collapsing him to the floor.
Yavita: "Ha! Lost a few fights in your time?"
Sith: "No, but I have fought a girl."

Some Klingons start watching. Sith jabs his sword forwards a couple times as Yavita dodges them all. Yavita hacks her sword against Sith's clashing again and again, until Sith spins to an angle, cutting Yavita's shoulder.
#Computer: "Level 7."
Yavita: "No mercy? I like that."
She spins her bat'leth around about to hit him until the computer pauses the match.
#Computer: "Incoming message."

Sith walks over to a view screen on the wall, as Yavita waits.
>Lisa: "Captain! The Blade is requesting transfers to their ship."
Sith: "You guys can't transfer."
>Lisa: "We have to! We were supposed to after our mission to the nebula."
Sith, understands: "Just hold on a while longer, okay?"

He goes back over to the centre of the arena where the computer resumes the match. Sith and Yavita slash swords, as Yavita hooks her bat'leth around Sith's mek'leth, rendering them useless. She spins them away.

Yavita kicks, and Sith grabs her leg, swinging her around, but Yavita kicks her other foot around to his head, sending him over a table where two Klingons were eating.

Yavita, lands: "Ha! Got you! When you fall, it's with style."
Sith, gets up in pain: "Ugh... Very funny."
He attacks, jabbing her in the stomach over and over. She redirects his arms and swings around elbowing him the face. Sith recovers and comes back kneeing her in the side. He swings his foot, tripping her to the floor. He picks up the nearby mek'leth and pins her shirt to the ground.
#Computer: "Level 10."
Yavita: "Impressive."
Sith, stares into her eyes: "I get a strange feeling when I look at you. I sensed it before I came over here?"
Yavita tears the sword out and gets to her feet, ready to fight again. She sighs, thinking she may know the answer to this: "I was one of the 42 aboard the Lukul when we were taken by the Nexus..."
Sith takes the bat'leth and swipes Yavita's mek'leth away. He pushes her back, but she kicks him over to the wall.
Sith, thinks for second: "The Nexus? ...That phenomenon caused many El-Aurians to have a certain sensory of space and time ..."
The room becomes crowded with loud, cheering Klingons. Yavita is about to pick another weapon off the wall, but Sith places his hand on the wall, fluctuating it. All the swords fall to the floor, and Sith and Yavita are forced to fight each other over them, punching and blocking. Sith kicks Yavita away, and then tackles her to the far floor. They become weak from all the fighting.
Sith: "...You must be why I remembered the mind-meld between me and Wrexel, earlier..."
#Computer: "Level 11."

Sith and Yavita are about to fight again when Sith suddenly gets another incoming transmission at the viewscreen.
>Lisa: "Captain, there are only two people on the Blade and they're ordering the transfer. 53 out of 87 of us will have to move!"
Sith, trickling blood: "Then do it!"
>Lisa: "But we are not finished repairing the Mercedes!"
Sith turns away, stressed.
Yavita, glances at him, weak: "Looks like you're fighting two battles at once."

Sith realizes his neglect. He sacrifices the match and gets Lisa to beam him aboard the Blade. He enters the Bridge, weak from the battles.
ZKel: "Captain Sith. Lieutenant Commander ZKel."
Sith, limps over: "Nice to meet you. I'm taking temporary command of this vessel."
ZKel: "But... Admiral Parsons was going to..."
Sith: "Hah! Parsons? He hates star trekking. I'd be doing him a favour."
ZKel: "Yes, sir."

Yavita takes a seat in her bar. Ha'vi regenerates a wound and then leaves as Sith enters.
Sith: "...When you bruise, it's with style."
Yavita, smiles: "No one's ever gotten that close to beating me before. Too bad you lost."
Sith, confesses: "I think I'm in love with you."
The El-Aurian takes it in and then looks back up at him.
Yavita: "You're not. It's that extra-sensory thing with my El-Aurian proximity."
Sith, sits, considering this possibility: "Oh."
She moves herself closer to Sith.
Yavita: "Head for Bajor. There you will find the answers to your questions about the vine parasite."
Sith: "But I'm going to get an autopsy done on Wrexet."
Yavita: "Trust me."
Sith, thinks about it: "...."
Yavita reaches over and kisses him: "Die with honour."

Raine enters the Bridge of the Blade. Sith enters after her.
ZKel: "Captian on the Bridge."
Sith, walks around: "Raine! You're here?"
Raine: "Yeah, I was one of the people who were supposed to transfer at Starbase 78."
ZKel, hands a padd: "There are one of three places for us to go; the Denorios Belt, Nervala IV, or Regulon to study astronomical phenomenon."
Sith: "Great. The Denorios Belt takes us near Bajor, right?"
ZKel: "Yes, sir."
Sith: "Then that's where we're headed..."

The Nova-class starship Blade turns away from planet Qo'Nos, leaving the Mercedes behind. The Blade heads out into space and jumps to warp.