Spin-off 7H

Immortal Coil, Part VIII

The Blade speeds through space.
Raine: "Captain, I'm picking up strange bio-energy readings a couple parsecs away."
Sith falls to his knees, clenching his head: "Argh--!!"

The Blade approaches a huge green-bluish wiggling clump of vines. There are so many of them making up the slithering life form, they are as big as a starship.

Beside the slithering life form are three Breen ships, and a Remen warbird, the Nicevon.
Nicin, activates the view screen: "What do you want!?"
>Sith, gets to his feet: "That thing... I feel a connection to it..."
Nicin: "Does it look like I care!? Why don't you hail someone for important reasons next time!?"

The screen clicks off. The first Breen ship and second Breen ship fly around, firing torpedoes at the Blade.
Sith, walks over to the helm: "Ergh--! ...take 'em out."
ZKel: "Aye sir."

The Blade locks a tractor beam on the first Breen ship and swings their momentum around, pumping quantum torpedoes into the second ship.

The second Breen ship is badly damaged and flies away.

The third Breen ship flies over, firing torpedoes, but the Blade swings the first Breen ship around and smashes it into the the third ship. Both Breen Chel Grett cruisers flame and crumble in chaos, off into the distance.
Sith: "He's working with the Breen now."
Raine: "Maybe he's changed his motives?"

The second Breen ship returns, blasting energy spurts. The Blade takes on damage, but returns fire. A part of the Breen ship explodes, losing navigational sensors. It flies around the area, like crazy.

The Blade moves closer to the slithering lifefrom.
Sith: "I can feel it... it's an accumulation of worms. The same thing that's on me."
Raine: "Captain!!"

The Breen ship soars around, passing the Nicevon and crashing into the slithering lifeform. Vines are spilled everywhere, wiggling and trying to get a hold of something.

The Nicevon hails the Breen ship.
Nicin: "You idiots! Get more vessel's out here!"

All the Blade can do is watch in horror.

Slithering vines start grabbing onto each other, making smaller versions of itself. Each just about bigger than a humanoid.
Sith: "They're sentient!"

One of the slithering species shoots itself onto the hull of the Blade. It breaks through and pours itself into a corridor. Passing through forcefields as they go up, it makes its way to the Bridge.
Tack, an officer: "What is that thing?? Phaser it!!"

Five more Breen ships arrive. They, along with the Nicevon, open fire at the Blade.
ZKel: "Captain, I must warn you, we are not a warship."
Sith: "Noted..."

The Blade soars around the center of attention and slices phasers along the ventral hull of the fourth Breen ship. A critical system is hit and the ship explodes.

The fifth and sixth Breen ships fly around firing energy spurts. The fifth ship grabs tractor beams onto the Blade, but the Blade sends a feedback pulse up it. Part of the fifth ship explodes.

The sixth and seventh ships eagle around, blasting torpedoes onto the Blade as the Nicevon approaches it.
>Nicin: "I found this creature and was trying to speak with it!!"
Sith: "Why? All you care about is getting political power."
>Nicin: "Not anymore. You don't know me!! ...My scans showed me that with this lifeform I could have great power. If only I could merge with it!"

The screen clicks off as more slithering species slam into the hulls of all the other ships and the Nicevon, invading them.

The first Slthering Species pour out onto the Bridge of the BLADE. It slides across the cieling and shapeshifts a neck which arcs around, looking over Sith.
ZKel, takes out a phaser: "I got him!"
Sith: "Wait!"
He stares at the collage of slithering worms.
Sith: "What are you...?"
He reaches his hand out for the species, but as soon as it sees the vines wrapped around Sith's arm, it arcs back.
'Vine Creature: "Kkkkrrr..."
It becomes irritated and slides around the ceiling.
Raine: "Huh??"

The species slides out through a vent and makes its way off the Blade back out into space. It speeds away never to be seen again.

Meanwhile, all the Breen ships and the Nicevon are being invaded by other species such as this.

The Blade impulses near the eighth Breen ship, causing the slithering species on board it to become irritated and evacuate. It jumps off the hull of the Breen ship and speeds off into space.

The eighth ship and the Blade open fire on each other.
Sith: "Why are you helping the Remans?"
>Breen_sdej: "Erskkfoo33 fdoo322-- ffdoocccdpd."
Raine: "I can't understand them."
The Captain looks to the side. He doesn't know why, but he can. He glances back on screen.
Sith: "Nicin's only goal is to merge himself with one of those vine creatures."
>Breen_sdej: "He promised us the Federation."
Sith: "He doesn't want that anymore. He's gone... mad."

The screen clicks off. The eighth ship opens fire onto the Blade. The Blade phasers the fifth ship, tactically. The fifth ship explodes, sending a large piece of it smashing into the eighth Breen ship.

The Blade flies out of there, and jumps to warp.