Spin-off 7F

Immortal Coil, Part VI

A Borg sphere emits a particle beam out into space, opening a rift into a green fluidic dimension. The sphere starts to enter the rift but a Species 8472 Nicor-class bioship speeds out, blasting the sphere with a current of energy.

The sphere rolls back as the bioship arcs around firing at it.
#Borg: "Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to serve the Collective."

The Vulcan ship Tonic sees this and approaches, firing limited transphasic torpedoes onto the sphere. The bioship arcs around, watching as the shpere explodes into pieces.
8472ccv: "Interesting."

The Mercedes enters the system. They see the bioship suddenly start firing currents onto the Tonic.
Sith: "Hey. They can't do that!"

The Mercedes speeds around, blasting modified torpedoes onto the bioship. But the Tonic then fires at the Mercedes as well.

The Mercedes dives downwards, dodging the torpedo.
Sith: "What's going on with them?"
Ace: "I don't know, but we'd better move...!"

The bioship charges for the Mercedes, blasting thick currents of bio-electric energy. The Mercedes jets out of there, deeper into the Qo'noS system.

Two patrolling Klingon ships see this and quickly head straight on, firing disrupters.

The Mercedes speeds towards Qo'noS dodging energy blasts from the bioship behind. Both Klingon ships are hit dead on, and destroyed.

The Mercedes flies around, returning torpedo fire onto the speeding bioship.
Raine: "Captain, I'm picking up the Tonic. It's heading for Qo'noS at full impulse!"
Sith: "They're insane."

The Mercedes flies around again, veering upward as the bioship passes underneath. The Mercedes speeds after the Tonic, towards the planet.

The Tonic soars down into the atmosphere of the planet, firing onto Klingon cities. The Mercedes soars down after them.

Ground forces launch photon torpedoes into the blue sky, hitting the Tonic as it speeds over them. The bioship soars down from the sky, chasing after the Mercedes and firing antiproton currents.

The Mercedes speeds low enough through the City, that the bioship's blast reaches the center of a tall building in the distance ahead. The building snaps and begins to fall on an angle as the Mercedes speeds past underneath the falling structure.

The bioship fires again, vapourizing the falling structure, clearing a path.

The Tonic, being followed by the Mercedes, being followed by the bipship, heads out, flying over barren land. The Mercedes then slams phasers into the ground. The phasers drag along the ground, sending huge blocks of dirt and stone into the air behind them.

The bioship is rained on from below by this debris, losing its course. A huge rock from below smashes into the nose of the bioship, sending the bioship careening off into the distant mountains.

Ace: "Captain!"
Sith: "What?"
Ace: "The Federation is supposed to be on good terms with Species 8472!"
Sith: "Damn! I forgot I knew that."

The Klingon Bird of Prey Teteken soars down from the sky, and both the Teteken and the Mercedes fly along either side of the Tonic.
Thorn, hails: "Captain! What is going on?"
The Tonic fires a trans-phasic torpedo out its left side and its right side. The Mercedes and the Teteken quickly dodge them.
Thorn: "I see."

The Teteken spins overhead, hovering above the Tonic like a predator. It then pumps disrupter pulses and torpedoes into the dorsal hull of the Tonic, trying to force it downwards.

The Tonic takes on serious damage and goes crashing along the ground, spinning to pieces.

The Mercedes has left, and searches the mountains for 8472. The bioship suddenly flies in from the side, blasting currents of energy at them.
Sith, hails: "Please stop! We're not supposed to go to war with you!"
#8472ccv, responds: "SdoefNnzzz, ffFdjjeRw dffeOowTckk!"
Sith: "Okay..."

Both the Mercedes and bioship climb back through the sky, as torpedoes from the city below rain past them.
8472ccv: "--TTgggdrrkk nkkkvlll-- are not supposed to go to war with you either!"
>Sith, smiles: "Okay now I understand you."
8472ccv: "Let us just pretend that this did not happen."
>Sith: "Agreed."

The bioship rockets back up into the sky, towards the rift to its own dimension.

A Klingon salvage team starts picking up pieces and debris of the Vulcan starship Tonic spread all across the western countryside. The Teteken lands near the place with the most debris, as the cities have stopped firing.

While the Mercedes takes orbit, Sith and Ace beam down to the countryside where the salvage teams are picking up pieces.
Thorn, scanning material: "Captain!"
Sith, walks over debris: "Well this looks like your work."
Thorn, shakes his head: "This was one of the Vulcan's newer productions. I do not understand what went wrong."
Sith: "I think I recognize this ship. I visited it last week on Vulcan during its launching ceremony."
Ace: "You recognize it now that it's in pieces?"
Sith, shrugs: "I like puzzles."
Thorn stops scanning and walks over to a wide hull fragment. He leans in and pulls it aside, revealing a dead Vulcan.
Thorn: "Commander Wrexet."
Around Wrexet's skin are burned markings wrapped around his body, as if the vine parasite had been on him.

Sith and Ace also notice this and glance at each other in surprise.