Series 1D

Star Trek: Reloaded
Chapter 3 

Lei enters Quark's establishment, which is active and busy. He goes over to the bar to order a drink, but the bartender is no where to be found.

Walking around, he suddenly notices a Nausicaan holding a Ferengi up to a wall in a secluded corner of the establishment.
Flerge: "You owe me money from last week's shipment...!!"
Quark: "I have it. I swear!"
Flerge, takes out a knife: "Too late, Ferengi..."
He's about to stab Quark until Lei calls from the distance: "Don't even think about it!"
Flerge turns to see Lei, with a handgun: "What the hell is this...?"
Lei, aiming: "Put your hands up and step away from him!"
Flerge drops Quark to the floor and starts walking toward Lei: "I do not recognize your authority, Human..."
Lei: "Drop your weapon!"
Flerge just keeps walking towards Lei, amused by his weapon. Lei is forced to fire one shot. Flerge is hit in the shoulder and pushed back to an angle in pain: "Argh! That hurt!!"

Flerge chases Lei into the table area. Flerge takes out a plasma discharger and fires two shots of plasma at Lei. 

Lei dives across a table, ducking one, and then hits the floor, pulling the table over as a shield against the other: "So much for the cop approach."

Flerge steps forward, adjusting the frequency setting on his discharger. He blasts a couple shots at the table, destroying it, but Lei has rolled away under another table.

Three bullets are fired into Flerge, hitting his chest, waist, and leg.
Flerge: "Grggh!"
He steps towards the table area, trying to get a clear view of his enemy until Lei jabs a table edge into his stomach. Lei stands, picks it up, and uppercuts the table across his chin.
Flerge, drops his discharger: "Grarghh!!!"

Flerge uses this close range to smack the table away. He arcs his head forward, trying to bite at Lei with his long teeth.

Lei leans back, dodging, and then pulling up his handgun, firing bullet after bullet into Flerge's body. Flerge walks slowly towards Lei, taking in each loud shot. He begins to weaken.
Flerge: "Argh!"

Two more Nausicaan's suddenly run in, backing up Flerge.

Lei, looks around: "Great..."
Plasma shots are fired at Lei, as he turns and runs. Lei jumps, grabbing a hanging tapestry, and swings over the table area to the other side. He hits the floor and runs out into the Promenade.


He weaves through crowds of aliens, hiding behind a control panel wall. The Nausicaans run out, unable to find him. They turn back into the establishment.

Lei, sighs: "Well I hope that's all the chasing there'll be today."

He bumps into Jackie and her Bajoran contact.
Pren, hands an iso-chip: "Take this."
Jackie, receives it: "Thanks."
Their heads turn, noticing a group of Federation security guards heading towards them.
Lei: "Oh, now they come."
Brian, grabs Jackie's arm: "Jackie..."
They make eye contact, having known each other intimately in the past.
Jackie: "Brian. I didn't think I was going to see you."
Brian: "We're taking you in. I'm... sorry I have to do this, Jackie."
Jackie: "...And I'm sorry I have to do this."
Not really sorry, she slams an electro magnetic device onto his forearm. 
Brian's suddenly shocked with bands of energy: "Augh!"
Jackie makes a run for it, grabbing Lei with her.

She leads the way as they push through crowds of people: "Ugh! ...You're not really in the Federation, are you?"
Lei, leaps over someone's bag: "How'd you know?"

They hide behind a wall at the Infirmary.
Jackie: "Cut me a break. You stick out like a sore Bolian."
Bashir, walks over: "Is there something I can help you with?"
Lei: "Uhh, no. Is there something we can help you with?"
Bashir is momentarily confused. Jackie and Lei use this opportunity to run.

They make their way to the docking rings level, running past airlock after airlock. 
Lei: "They're coming!"
Jackie finds a console, and searches through the station's arrival list. She then drags Lei down a corridor and opens a specific airlock. They enter a Federation starship.
Jackie: "We lost 'em."

They go down a hallway, seeing someone coming. They quickly turn the corner and enter a cramped weapon's storage closet where they're forced against each other.
Lei: "Ugh! ...I'd just like to say that I'm glad we could become close like this."
Jackie, ignores him: "...The Prometheus... The Beta Anteras Shipyards' best work in five years."

With the two of them stowed away on it, the Prometheus undocks Deep Space 9, and heads out. The Prometheus treks for the wormhole, entering it.