Series 1E

Star Trek: Reloaded
Chapter 4

The Prometheus exits the wormhole, flying into the Gamma Quadrant. Jackie and Lei make their way through the corridors of the busy ship, as Lei is now wearing a Starfleet uniform to blend in.
Jackie: "Good. No one's caught on to us yet. I wonder what those guards at Deep Space 9 think happened to us."
Lei: "Yeah, and I wonder if those tall aliens got a chance to kill that big eared alien back at that bar?"
They suddenly glance at each other having not listened to each other's ramblings as they enter a turbolift.

The Prometheus rendezvous' with a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser, the Neikada, in space.
Texas, the temporary Captain, is hailed: "On screen."
>Neyern, a Vorta: "Greetings. We have requested to meet with you."
Lei and Jackie enter the Bridge unnoticed. Jackie starts tapping at panels in the back, accessing systems.
Texas: "What the dag nabbit do you think you-er doing? This is a very strange way to meet after the whole Dominion war thing! I killed ten of you sick bastards!"
>Neyern: "My vessel has come to hear rumours that the Reman's are going to start an alliance with the Orion's. Word is that a human is putting them together!"
Texas: "Fer what?"
>Neyern: "Who knows. All I know that the human goes by the name of Raiden."
Texas: "Never heard of him. He ain't in the Federation that's fer sure! What the dag nabbit are-ye-doin-out here? You know that the Changelings are under extensive trials. You have some explaining to do, dag nabbit!"

Lei is shocked at this. He looks away in deep thought, talking to himself: "...Raiden."
The panel Jackie is working on suddenly starts beeping: "Come on!"
She grabs Lei, re-entering the turbolift out of there. The tactical officer turns around to find the problem.
Kayla: "Captain! ...There's an overload in the top-Vector rerouting system!"
Texas: "What are you talkin about, woman?"
Kayla, working: "Cause unknown, but in five minutes the entire top-Vector will be flooded with static EM-surges!!"
Texas: "Consornit! ...Alright, let's evacuate everyone to the middle and bottom Vectors!"

Red alert goes on as everyone on the Bridge and a couple decks below it, rush out to turbolifts, dematerialize, and Jeffrey tube their way off the top section of the Prometheus. Jackie and Lei enter the empty Bridge, where Jackie accesses the back consoles.
Jackie: "I've locked out the main computer and placed level 10 forcefields around crucial access corridors."
Lei paces the Bridge, startled by the red alert: "What are you doing? You're doing something illegal, aren't you?"
Jackie, while working: "Uhh... no I'm not."
Lei, snaps: "Yes you are!"

The top-third of the Prometheus unhatches from the rest of the ship. It impulses past the Jem'Hadar cruiser Neikada.
Neyern: "I knew it. The Federation is up to something!"
First: "What are your orders?"
Neyern: "After them!"

The bottom-two halves of the Prometheus just sit there as the Neikada turns and accelerates out of there.
Kayla, trying to get control of systems: "It's going to take me a while, sir. Someone's locked out the main computer."
Texas: "Derg nibbit!"

The top-third, aka Vector 1, sleek and cool, speeds through space.
Jackie, approaches the helm: "I initiated the multi-vector separation sequence, only for this one vector."
Lei, sitting at the helm: "Hmm... I flew an airplane once."
Jackie: "Where the hell are you from anyway?"
The vector suddenly shakes, being fired at by the Jem'Hadar cruiser.
Jackie runs over to tactical: "You need at least four years of Starfleet Academy training to do that! ...Oh crap. We're being followed by that Jem'Hadar ship."
She accesses weapons.

Vector 1 blasts phasers out its back, hitting the hull of the Jem'Hadar cruiser. The Jem'Hadar cruiser launches a quantum torpedo towards them, but the vector veers downward, dodging it.

Lei: "Hahaha! If only the boys at the precinct could see me now."
Jackie, scanning: "See if you can get us a clear shot of their aft dorsal section."

The Vector lowers and falls back, right under the Jem'Hadar cruiser. It cuts phasers into the cruiser's bottom shields and destroys important circuitry.

Jackie: "Great work!"

The cruiser starts to lose stability. It launches three heat seeking torpedoes, which fly around. Vector 1 sinks to dodge them, then parallels around the cruiser until it hovers over head.

The heat seeking missiles approach from behind, until Jackie slams a tractor beam onto the cruiser, and Lei pulls both ship's upwards. The Jem'Hadar battle cruiser is triple hit and takes on heavy damage, as the vector drops tractor.
Neyern: "Damn! ...Who cares about the stupid Federation. Stop the ship and repair damages!"

The Jem'Hadar battle cruiser maintains structure as only parts of it explode. It holds position to heal its wounds as the Prometheus vector jumps to warp, out of there.

Jackie takes over the helm: "That isolinear chip Pren gave me was co-ordinates for the location of my friend, Darpa."
Lei, looks around: "Don't you people have washrooms in the 24th Century?"
He leaves, to change his clothes.

The Prometheus vector drops warp, and speeds towards a complicated Borg city structure in the distance; built around two large  asteroids with a noticeable energy beaming between the two asteroids.

...This is where Jackie's co-ordinates led her.