Spin-off 6C

Parallels, Part III

Chain stood from his chair on the Bridge, as the crew was ready to go. "Alright let's begin. Set jump to the Co-ordinates 380023... Engage."
Lieutenant Sev tapped at the Helm. The very small, Nova Class starship Vitality, arced in space and then jumped into a Warp. They then dropped out back to normal space... in another Universe. Everyone was quiet for a moment.
"Looks the same..." Chain glanced on screen.
"They usually do. This Universe has already been discovered by my people."
"Captain! ...I'm reading a Thelvon Pod on sensors," Devok from Sensors called out.
"Follow it."

The Vitality jumped to Warp and sped through space. It dropped, and approached a Thelvon Pod. They hailed it.
"Drop your shields and disengage your engines. You're coming with us." Captain Chain ordered.
""Well if it isn't the Constible Engelina. Recruited some outter-universers I see?"" Road, the Thelvon fugitive, redirected his conversation.
"You're under arrest, Road. Don't make it hard on yourself." Engelina replied.
""Oh, I think not..."" He tapped at his controls, on screen.

The small Pod launched out static bands of energy which clamped onto the Vitality and then knocked it back. The Vitality went spinning, as the Pod jumped out of there and into another Universe.
"Ugh!!" Chain got up, "He's got a Quantum Drive too!?"
Engelina got up as well, "Yes. That is how he escaped in the first place."
As the ship was settling, Chain stumbled his way over to the Helm, "Follow his jump."
"Aye, sir."

The Vitality jumped out of existence to the next Universe.