Spin-off 6D

Parallels, Part IV

The Thelvon Pod and the Vitality drop Warp into a new Universe occupied by floating space Creatures. A bunch of them passing by are shown on screen.
"What are those things?" Chain looked perplexed.
"They are called Trump." Engelina replied. "In this Universe, they are many."
"How many?"
Engelina paused, unsure how Chain would take the answer... "We think they occupy about 80 percent of the Galaxy."
"You're kidding me!? ...Where are all the Civilizations? The Klingon Homeworld? The Federation??"
"Those worlds are small and barely spacefaring."
"Captain the Pod is getting away--" Devon called out just before the Pod was attacked.

Two Trump circled the Pod and started pushing and spinning it about.

"Get a lock on that Pod..." Chain commanded, as it was done. "Beam it aboard."

The Pod was then dematerialized in space, leaving the two Trump confused and without thier toy.

"We've got it." Devon reported.

A larger Trump, about two times the size of them, flew over and knocked into the shields of the Vitality. The entire ship was rolled over and everyone was forced to hold on.
"Shields down to 54 percent!!"
"Move us out of the way!" Chain yelled above the Red Alert.

The Vitality impulsed away, but the two smaller Trump started to fly around it curiosly, bumping themselves into it. The Vitality shook violently.
"What are they doing??" Chain asked annoyed.
"The Thelvon have not studied these Creatures or many other elements in any other Universe into much depth." Engelina replied.
"Why not??"
"It is not our priority to study behavioral details."
The ship shook again.
"Shields down to 20 percent!!"
"Mr. Sev, take us out of here!"
"Aye, sir." Sev tapped at the his console as the Vitality jumped to a Quantum Warp.