Spin-off 6B

Parallels, Part II

"We're just about ready to launch, Captain." Engelina handed over a padd to Captain Chain. This Universe was foriegn to her, but she knew she wouldn't be here long.
"Well, let's begin. I'm sure catching this guy won't be so hard." Chain tried to make the situation easier for her.
"Since your vessel goes faster than anyone I've seen in my Universe or any other, I'm sure aswell."
"How do we distinguish Universes when we travel to this other Universe?"
"The Quantum Signature of every Universe is included in the Helm's function. It will be quite impossible to get lost." Engelina replied. Her people were great with quantum theory. Possibly the greatest in any Universe.
"But... how many Universe's are there?" Chain inquired.
"Quite many," she answered. "Way too many that they go beyond our Quantum spectrum. It would take a while to map out each one; quite like the time it would take to map out the Galaxy... and in each Universe there are infinte Galaxies."
This was a little unsettling to Chain as he shifted in his Captain's chair. The Bridge was busy with crew getting the Drive online. "We could Warp to a Galaxy with unstable elements."
"My people have travelled to a total of 56 Universes, and in each one we have jumped into the same Galaxy. In each of those Dimensions we have never encountered anything too dangerous we couldn't handle."
"Why the same Galaxy everytime?"
"We think it's due to the galactic pull from the Galaxy Core."