Episode 20A

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Fight, Part II

(Last time on Star Trek: Phoenix-X... )
Daniel: That's it!! I've had enough of your laziness!! I'm demoting you! Take off one of your pins.
Gotens: Oh man. Can't someone else do it?
Gotens: But why would you hide from the Q?
Klokian: To build weapons. To eliminate all Q.
Xena: You're a rogue hunter?
(Klokian nods)
(Last time on Xena: The Warrior Princess... )
Xena: Come on, let's go. We don't have to stop Artimus' army for these things.
Gotens: Wait! You gotta get me to Klokian's ship on the other side of the countryside so I can go home!!
Xena: Artimus' entire army should be heading this way soon. They stand between here and the Klokian thing. This pajama guy wouldn't stand a chance.
Gotens: I said I would!
(And now the conclusion... )

(On Greece)
Xena: Artimus' entire army should be heading this way soon. They stand between here and the Klokian thing. This pajama guy wouldn't stand a chance.
Gotens: Stop saying that!!
(The three start walking towards the other town)
Gotens: Hey, where you going? Klokian's ship is east!
Jocser: Yeah, and Joe's Tavern is south.
Gotens: What are you talking about?
Xena: Look, we're not going to help you. We don't even care about you!
Gotens: But, I thought you were goodguys. And I've always depended on the kindness of strangers.
Xena: Look, why don't you come have a drink with us? Greece is a nice place and all the women dress as less as me and Gabrielle.
Gotens: Okay.

(Meanwhile, the Klokian ship enters its solar system and heads towards its homeplanet)
*Daniel(inside the sphere): Hey! Let me out of here!!
Klokian: No.
*Daniel: Fine, I'll just get out of here using the awesome power of the Q. ....Aaaarrgghhhh..... Errrrrgggghh!!!!
Klokian: Q powers contained in special sphere created by Q's, now being used against Q's. Heh, heh. We will use Q substance for more Klokian ships and create more artificial Q's.
*Daniel: Oh, shut up.

(The Phoenix-X floats in space)
Armond: Helm. Set course for the Klokian homeplanet.
Red: Sir, the co-ordinates for that planet is unkown.
Armond: Alright, then just go to the Disney Planet.
Shane: Wait! Can't we just follow Sonan's deteriation trail?
Armond: Deteriation trail?
Shane: Well, Q said that Sonan was an artificial Q created by the Klokians. Since science dictates that anything artificial or created is imperfect to its original being, it would only be logical to assume Sonan is an imperfect Q.
Armond: Science dictated that?
Shane: Oh yeah, Science is talking a lot nowadays.
Red(checks sensors): He's right. I'm picking up traces of Sonan going all the way into the next Sector. Eeuu, skin flakes.

(A small section of Artimus' army run into Xena and them)
Partimus: Hey, it's Xena!!
Xena: Yes, it's me. I can start autograph signing now if you want.
Chartimus(pulls out his sword): How dare you protect the Klokians!?
Xena: Now hold it, we're not--
Chartimus(attacks): AAaaaahhh!!! Die Warroir Princess!!
(Xena kicks him accross the face)
Chartimus(falls down): Ooff.
Gotens: Yes! Fighting time!! I knew my Klingon fighting skills would eventually come to good use.
(Partimus smacks him accross the face)
Gotens(brings his head back): ....Your soul will be mine...
(Gotens uses his Klingon fighting skills against the soldier)
Gotens(while fighting): Wohoo! I think I'm gonna stay here instead of going back home.
Xena(fighting): Oh great.

(Klokian lands his ship on his planet. Idustrial buildings cover it. He and Sonan enter a building. They approach some machenery and place the sphere in a round socket. Spikes from the machine suddenly jab into the sphere)
*Daniel: Owe!!
Klokian: Machine will now suck the life away from you.
(The machine powers up)
*Daniel: AAaaahh!!
(The Daniel entity fights to stay in the sphere but is sucked out into the machinery.)
Klokian: It is the end for you.
(Daniel is pulled through a shining blast of spkey energy. He feels his life begin to end)
*Daniel(looks at what's up coming): Arrgghh-- ...he's right...

(The Phoenix-X follows and collects the trail of tiny lights left by Sonan. It goes past some dead meteors and rock clusters towards a planet)
Armond: Make sure that the pieces are being held in an anti-matter containment field. They'll fall right through normal matter.
*Kugo: Aye, sir. Kugo out.
Shane: What are we gonna do with all this?
Armond(shrugs): I dunno. I just like collecting things.
Red: Commander, the trail has ended and we have approached a planet, but it is entirely deserted. No signs of any inhabitants ever living on it at all.
Shane: Are you sure our sensors aren't being altered by the Klokians?
Red(checks again): I am pretty sure...

(Xena and the group enter Joe's Tavern)
Gotens: So is this all you do all the time? Fight armies and stuff?
Xena(sits): Yeah. Pretty much.
Gotens(sits): Well finally, we'll be able to sit down and have a normal conversation. Wanna have sex?
(Xena picks him up and throws him across the room)
Gabrielle: Good work, Xena. Now we can have eachother.
(Five Klokian's burst in)
Kloky: Your army has destroyed our city and murdered our people!! You will die for this!!
Xena: But that wasn't my--
Kloky(attacks): Aaaahhh!!! Die!!
(Xena punches him aside)
Gotens(gets up): Arrghh. More fighting? ...You know, in the future, battles will be fought in space over entire worlds; sex will be enhanced; and classical and jazz music will for no reason be repopularized.
Xena(clashes her sword against Kloky's): Will you get out here and help fight before someone dies!?

(Daniel finds himself in limbo, a white nothingness)
Daniel: I'm dead?
Q: You incompetent fool.
Daniel(turns around): Q?
Q: Death is nothing to a Q. If you want, you can die and be born again anytime you want. Experiences which persoanlly, I find pathetic.
Daniel: Really?
Q: Well, to a certian extent.
Daniel: But what about the afterlife?
Q(points to a door in the distance): Go if you wish. It's open to any superior or inferior life form. But I've never seen any Q get back.
Daniel: I think I'll take my chances with the Klokians.
Q: Careful. They've caught 8 of us in the past 3 reoccuring cycles of the universe.
(Q disappears. Daniel does the same thing.)

(Meanwhile, on the Phoenix-X)
Kugo(hands Armond a padd): We've controlled the Sonan matter. It is now altered and inverted. It should have opposite effects on the Klokian species.
Red: You mean, how they used to be immune to it, they're now vulnerable to it?
Kugo: Precisely. But we will only be able to produce one charge.
Armond: Good work, Lieutenant.
Kugo: Don't thank me, thank Shane. He was the expert in unstable bio matter.
Shane: It's cause I'm a Shapeshifter.
Armond(pats him on the back): Yes, Shane. You're a "Changeling".
(He motions two fingers like quotations)
Shane: It's the same thing!
Armond: Now, this Klokian planet seems to be empty. Which means one of two things; they're living in another time period, or they've run in fear from the mere name of the Phoenix-X. Now, I'm betting it's not the first one, but the second one looks pretty convincing to me.

(Xena and the group approach the alien ship)
Gotens: Well, it's been nice knowing ya. Thanks for teaching me that blood cutting off trick.
Xena: What will you do know?
Gotens: I've been neglecting my duties long enough. I think it's time I went back and did what Commanders are supposed to do.
Gabrielle: What's that?
Gotens: Taking care of buisness.
(The song plays in the background)
Aries(appears): Be sure to get rid of those Klokians. I don't want any more coming back here with bigger armies.
Gotens(jabs his fingers onto sides of Aries' neck): I've just cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You'll be dead within a minute.
(Aries just stands there)
Gotens: Oh yeah, I forgot, you're a half Q.
(Gotens gets into the ship.)
Gotens: Bye. Or as they say in Greece, adios amigos.

(He activates the ship and puts on auto navigation. It goes up out of the atmosphere and speeds into a different kind of warp travel. It approaches the Klokian homeplanet)