Clips 8C

Post your Captain's status update, Part VIII

IKS Dragunov, Captain Kronen
I just ordered 3000 custom worship-idols 3D-printed off my profile picture from Quarkazon.alp! Create your own religion in 3 easy steps today: http://quarkazon.alp/rrjdWr3e [Autopost]

Captain Fali Cas'ket: Ok... who's the wiseguy who dumped 3000 statues into my cargo hold? The Shiraak is a Qa'tel Raptor! NOT A FREIGHTER!

IKS Dragunov, Captain Kronen
You're just the beginning. Many more ships will receive my holy bounty! #praytokronen

Captain Fali Cas'ket: Talaash is enjoying his new toothpick. You know how Gorn can be. #Recycling

@FerenGrunt: Hold unexpectedly filled with bizarre wooden figures, possibly idols of some sort. Sold entire lot to guards at Rura Penthe, who apparently plan to hold a bonfire.

IKS Dragunov, Captain Kronen
Staff at Rura Penthe appear to have performed tribute in my honor! DM me your info for free statues.  :p  B)  ;)