Spin-off 3F

Forged in Something, Part VI

Captain Menchez and his team go running through the field of hovering temporal distortions while Kent shoots down one after the other, creating a path for them. They then reach the front doors of the manufacturing facility.

Menchez: "Excellent haste, my crew. We are truly warriors!"
Derok: "You say that for everything, like when we were cleaning the targ pens the other day."
Menchez: "It is the reaffirmations that make us who we are."
Terek: "Sir, it looks like the door is open. As a medic, I advise that our health is better if we stay out here."
Menchez: "True, but we could learn so much more by pressing forward. Knowledge is the Klingon way."
Derok: "I thought it was shooting first and asking questions later?"
Terek: "Actually, we eliminated the questions part of that in 2376."

The three push through the doors and make their way through bodies of dead Klingons in hallways until reaching the manufacturing floor where there are two Klingons working with computers feeding into shelves upon shelves of torpedo casings.

Menchez: "Ugh! I wish we hadn't banned inquiries. Ah, forget it. What the Gre'thor is going on here??"
Vekor: "Ah, a hero team, I see. Allow myself to introduce myself, the me you are speaking to now. I am General Vekor of the I.K.S. Hidoken, and it is I who will bring about the new era for the Klingon Empire!"
Menchez: "All the phasing of space-time, it's being caused by you... more specifically, transphasic technology."
Vekor: "We have been working at these torpedoes for a very long time, taken from information given to us by several Ferengi, who themselves may have gotten from the Federation."
Menchez: "The Federation are our allies, General! We had bean soup with them only two days ago."
Vekor: "If they were proper allies, then they would have shared this technology with us. We are this close from losing our empire to the Borg, and they would sit idly by as we are assimilated!?"
Menchez: "They are humanitarians, which means they come to aid those in need."
Vekor: "A Klingon doesn't ask for the weak to fight his battles! Also, that term is oddly specist. Why are you so enamored with them? Do you work with the Federation or something?"
Menchez: "In fact, half my crew are on exchange with them! Yeah! Explore-power!"
Vekor: "Oh, ugh! How do you even live like that? It must be so horrid and full of sunshine and lollipops??"
Menchez: "It's a lot of apologizing-for-bumping-into-each-other. You get the idea. Anyway, at least I do not run experiments which caused the deaths of everyone at this outpost!"
Vekor: "What are you talking about? The only deaths I have caused were the deaths of Klingon rock and/or roll, which isn't even comparable to our opera. You see, we are allowed to play music here."
Menchez: "Fool! Don't you even realize what you've done?? Come with me."

He leads the General throughout the hallways to the front entrance of the facility.

Vekor: "Impossible? How could this be?? All I've been doing is popping open cans of slug-o-cola on the manufacturing floor? It's the new Ferengi drink Klingons have been going gagh-crazy over and is recommended by four out of five Klingon Doctors."
Derok: "Your foolish experiments have unleashed a payload of phased-space around the area, killing everyone!"
Terek: "Hey, he didn't know what he was doing. Give the man a break."
Derok: "You don't know what you're doing! I'll break you!"
Menchez: "Gentlemen, not in front of our mad scientist of the week."
Vekor: "No, your men are correct to question me. I had no idea the sacrilege I have caused. I have gravely dishonored myself and my team."
Menchez: "Then we must stop these experiments and dismantle these torpedoes."
Vekor: "I cannot do that, Captain. They are, in fact, ready to be used. I am working under in cooperation with another General and he is expecting their armament quite soon."
Menchez: "What 'General?'"
At that, Kent takes out several distortions, opening a path for General Verticon to approach the group.
Verticon: "He means me, Captain. We have been developing these weapons for the betterment of Klingon-kind. You know how important that is, and that my command is all you should understand. Qapla' to me!"
Menchez: "But these are illegal??"
Verticon: "To the Federation, but the High Command has yet to deliberate on it. Your observations are quite behind the times, I must say."
Menchez: "They would side with our allies!"
Verticon: "We do not bend to the humans, nor the Vulcans, nor, well, you know that organization is full of random species. But we are Klingon! And you will have these torpedoes loaded onto the B'Cnah and the Hidoken, where we will test them for combat with the Borg. You will follow the command structure, or will we fight like Klingons right here, right now."
Menchez: "Very well, Generals. But do not expect me not to growl when I see you from now on. It's a beast-mode thing I'm trying out."

They watch as Menchez and his two officers are opened a path back out and away from the distortions.

Kent: "So, good find?"
Terek: "If by 'good' you mean 'horribly, death bringing', then yes."