Ragnarok 2 cuts

"Greetings," Tomsin, an Ensign and Tellarite, cleared his throat and introduced himself. "My name is Ensign Tomsin, and I work in Operations. I like long walks on the beach and getting to know—"

"What are you doing? We literally just agreed to the opposite of that," interrupted Seifer.

Next to Tomsin was an identical duplicate. "Excuse me? But I am Tomsin. One of us was created by a transporter accident, and it wasn't me."

"No. We're not doing the introduction thing anymore. We're on to item two, the crew competition with every other crew in Starfleet," said the Captain.

The other Tomsin pushed his duplicate, annoyed by him. "You stay away from me!"

"You're the you that's to stay from me, the me-version of your me!" argued the first Tomsin.

Seifer slammed his palm in the table. "Gentlemen! We're to skip the 'get-to-know' each other part and jump straight into my signature madness. Is that understood?"

"Well, he started it," the second Tomsin grumbled.

The first Tomsin turned to him. "What did you say?? I'll tear you a new one, whatever that means! And there are many more colloquialisms where that came from!"