Clips 6E

Earth Spacedock, Part V
Captain Oroku Seifer - Earth Spacedock, Shipyard

Seifer approached Commander Barnes, an older Benzite and Starfleet officer.

"A martini?" Barnes said, noticing the drink in the Captain's hands.

The Trill put his drink aside. "Oh; just came from the Synthbar. It's so strange they put that place on the same deck as all the important stuff. Well, convenience, I guess."

"If you're looking for your Prometheus-class U.S.S. Phoenix-X, I'm sorry to inform you that it's severely damaged and we're at a crossroads at if we can ever repair it."

Seifer dropped his arms. "How could this be? We have the best Engineers in the Federation!"

"Your vessel was hit by a Breen dissapator, twice! By you, no doubt," Barnes explained. "By the way, your Breen ship, the Darkseid is docked as well, though, that ship was already running like a garbage scowl's cargo."

The Captain nodded. "Well, it did traverse a blackhole to an alternate universe and back." He then looked to the side in realization. "This means I don't have a ship?"

"It's better this way. The Phoenix-X was an old vessel, even if it did help usher in transwarp technology. I'm sorry to report, but your crew is being reassigned as well."

Seifer wiped the sweat from his brow. "Oh, finally. They were the literal worst."

"Uh," Barnes just looked at him, in shock.

Recovering, Seifer finished, "The worst at being horrible! I mean, I'm going to miss them. Heh. Heh! Well, I have to go hijack the Phoe-- err, I mean, say goodbye to the Phoenix-X. Turns out the bottle smashing ceremony works both ways."