Clips 4D

Captain's Prerogative, Part IV
Do your starship captains have any... "addictions"?

Seifer is addicted to ketracel white. He doesn't need it. He's a Trill. But he can quit anytime. It's more of a recreational drug, which he only does on days he's a guest at kindergarten classrooms and day's he's not. The kids think he's great, albeit a little agitated and aware of sounds and voices that no one else is aware of. But he's good. You know. Just one more vial is all he needs. To get off it. That's all.

Menchez can't get enough of heart of targ. It's meant to be a traditional food, but he has to have it everyday. He's gaining a lot of weight this holiday season and leaving a lot of un-hearted targs all over the ship. He's not even being covert about it. Just having his ship rendezvous with targ traders and taking in all the targs he can get. There's a stench now.