Lost Episodes: Supremacy

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

Omega enters the Briefing Room on the Phoenix-X, where the Senior Staff has come together around the large table.
Cell: "What is the meaning of this?"
Omega: "I wish to join the meeting. I want to bbbbelongggg..."
RaeLuna, stands: "I would be honoured if you joined us."
Seifer: "Um, isn't that kind of our decision?"
Cell: "Alright, Omega. You can join us."
Kugo: "We were just talking about the application of milk to chocolate."
Omega: "I am versed in over 1000 ways to apply milk to chocolate."
Lox: "Yes! He is so in."
Cell: "Alright, Omega. It has seemed you have proven yourself and now in a way you do belong."
Omega is touched and begins to shed a tear. The liquid from his eye causes his systems to override and his head to explode.


Later, Kugo and RaeLuna are in the Tech-Lab fixing Omega's head back onto his body.
Kugo: "Uggh. Why does this always happen?!?"
#Cell: "Cell to Senoir Staff, report to the Bridge."

In no time, the Senoir Staff meets on the Bridge.

Enough. I'm tired of talking about nothing while we wait for Section 31 to give us a new mission each week."
Amp: "Maybe Omega can help us with some words of wisedom?"
Omega: "

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