Series 1G

Star Trek: Reloaded
Chapter 6

Using the last of his strength, Lei arcs his head to the left. The drill hits the table.
Lei: "Ugh!"

The drone is alerted to this change of routine. He pulls the drill machine out the table and uses his other hand to reposition Lei's head.

Another drone's hand suddenly clasps onto that drone's hand. It turns out to be Darpa. He takes the drill machine between them, stabbing into the drone's forehead. The drone is swung around to behind the tables, hung.

Darpa stabs his tubules into a nearby computer frame. Jackie and Lei regain strength and slowly sit up. Parts of their skin are pale and grey. They have few assimilated devices on them.
Jackie, confused: "Darpa...?"
Darpa, takes out the tricorder with the iso-chip sticking out it: "There's a... micro-cellular viral agent in this isolinear chip... It seems it was made specifically to sabotage Borg technology."
Jackie, walks over and takes the tricoder: "Ha! Lucky Bajoran resistance fighter gets into my good books for that."
Lei, picks up his handgun from a nearby table: "We have to get out of here."

Jackie and Darpa quickly access wall consoles, in hopes of finding a way out.
Jackie: "There's a vessel nearby... but it's in the energy field!"

Red laser lights flicker around Lei's body as a crowd of Drone's walk out from a dark corridor, motivating Jackie to dematerialize herself, Lei and Darpa out of there.

Lei, Jackie, and Darpa beam onto the Bridge seeing an entire Suliban crew who are glowing slightly, frozen in their tracks during normal ship operations. Borg drones are everywhere setting up frequency antennae around the ship.
Lei: "Things just keep getting weirder and weirder."

A single drone beams in. All the other busy drone's on the Bridge are suddenly alerted. The whole lot of them stop working and start moving towards Jackie, Darpa, and Lei.

Jackie: "Lei!!"
Lei realizes she needs help. He quickly falls to one knee, pulling a second handgun from his ankle belt. He tosses both handgun's to Jackie.

Jackie, catches one after the other: "What do I do with these?"

Lei takes out a couple packs of ammo and tosses them to Jackie as well: "Keep them loaded!"
He turns around as two drone's suddenly step in front of him.

The first drone reaches out its arm and grabs Lei's shoulder.

The other drone shoots out tubules, but Lei forces his weight against the first drone to spin both bodies around. Because of this, the other drone accidentally stabs the tubules into the first drone.

Lei kicks both drone's into a Suliban.

The Suliban just stands there, unmoved.
Lei: "Hey, I recognize that guy."

A drone confronts Jackie, but Jackie holds a handgun in each of her hands, blasting bullets into the drone.
'Drone, goes flying back: "UuUUuUhhh!"

She ducks the swing of another incoming drone, as the drone's swing hits a frozen Suliban. Jackie kneels on one knee, blasting bullets at approaching drone's in the distance. Pieces of them go flying.

Lei: "I know this guy. This is the guy who was in the timeship that brought me to this century."
A drone approaches from behind a kneeling Suliban. Lei rests his back against the back of the kneeling Suliban, and arcs himself over it. His feet fly around, each hitting the face the drone, as he gets to the other side.

Jackie turns and stands, firing repeatedly both guns at a drone who's arm was stuck in a Suliban. The drone tries reaching for her, but the pressure from her constant rapid fire knocks him over.

Jackie reloads her guns.

Lei study's the Suliban: "I don't understand. What is he doing here, frozen?"
A drone steps over, flinging tubules out at Lei, but Lei sees this and quickly dodges his head to an angle, grabbing the free arm of the drone with one hand, and snatching the tubules in mid air with the other hand. He spins the drone around, tying the tubules around its neck.

Jackie sidesteps around the Bridge, firing one handgun after another, weaving around frozen Sulibans. Loud bullets take out Borg drone after Borg drone, sending pieces of technology flying into the air in chaos.

A drone tries to grab Lei but Lei moves behind his frozen Suliban, Kelik.

Lei kicks, dodges, back hands the drone, all around the complicated pose of the Suliban. He flips himself, resting onto Kelik's extended arms, grabbing his legs around the attacking drone, and pulling its head to smash into the Kelik statue.

Lei gets off and stands up in exhaustion.

A drone approaches him from behind, but Jackie fires constant bullets from both guns at that drone from the distance. Close enough to Lei, pieces from the drone fly. Lei shields himself as the drone falls to the floor.


All the drone's have been rendered defeated, while Jackie goes around scanning with her tricorder: "My readings indicate that this vessel has been caught frozen between the temporal gravitational energy caused by these two asteroids for well over 200 years now."
Darpa, steps over: "...The Borg were unable to get past the protective barrier, that's why they wanted me... and any other successful scientist, to figure it out."

Jackie goes over to a Borg computer frame that has been set up, and taps at its console franticly. Lei walks over.
Lei: "They all really have been frozen for over 200 years?"
Jackie, working: "Yeah. It doesn't look like they're going to unfreeze anytime soon either."
They glance at each other for a second, adrenaline still rushing. They're about to feel a romantic connection--

But the Borg panel suddenly beeps.
Jackie, checks: "I've located a nearby vessel to escape on again."
She glances at her companions, pressing a shape on the panel.

Jackie: "...Third time's a charm."

They're beamed out and onto a Borg sphere, passing by. The Sphere speeds over one asteroid and heads out into deep space.

It stretches into Transwarp.