Episode 16 cuts

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Factors of Humanity cut scenes


It's time for thier baths. Got the rag on the stick?
Shane: Yup. But I'm not pulling thier yanky's anymore.
First(approaches them): ...
Daniel: Oh, there you are.
Shane(slaps him upside the head): Where've you been!? Clean up these hammocks. Now, you stupid morons!!
(The First pulls out a phaser and fires it at Shane. Shane sucks in his head and the phaser misses. The four other Jem'Hadar hide in the bushes as they fire phaser rifles at Daniel and Shane)
Daniel(jumps his upper body): Ahh! What are you doing!? We're supposed to be your Gods!!
Shane(liquifies his arm as a phaser shoots by): Yeah! We saved your lives remember!!
(The Jem'Hadar keep firing.)
Shane: Well if that's your attitude, you can forget your rag on a stick!