Episode 13C

Star Trek: Pheonix-X
Liquids Everywhere

(On the Pheonix-X. Sergio, Shane, Daniel, Gotens, Ensign Dan, and a couple other crew members stand there looking at the tall changeling)
Engisn Dan: Whoa, another changeling! That is so cool.... Kill it!! Kill it!!
(All the other extra crew members take out thier phasers and aim it at the unknown Changeling)
Daniel: Wait! Who are you?
TheChangeling: I am the link......and I have come for you....
(He points at Shane)
Shane: Me?
TheChangeling: No, him.
(Sergio is standing behind Shane)
Sergio: Well, it looks like I will be leaving now....heh, heh... Sergio to Lau-Tzu, what is taking you so long? Beam me through!
(The klingon, Sergio, begins to beam out, but suddenly the unknown Changeling shoots out a long liquid arm and hits Sergio in the shoulder. Sergio's shoulder begins to liquify....then his arm...)
*Covek: Uhhhh, sir, I cannot get a proper lock on you......
Ensign Dan(points at Sergio): Ahhh!!! Another Changeling! Kill it!! Kill it!!
Daniel: Sergio, you're a Changeling too?
(Sergio steps back to release himself from the unknown changeling's grasp. The unkown changeling brings his liquid arm back.)
Sergio(lowers his head down): Ayyye, I am.
Gotens: But, then why do you wear a defective hearing aid?
Sergio(looks up): I'm sorry, what did you say?
Gotens: Nevermind.
Ensign Dan(walks up to the unknown changeling): If you're taking Sergio back to the link, then why don't you take Captian Daniel with you?
TheChangeling(shrugs): Eh, he doesn't have the proper membership card.
Daniel: What!? I can go back to the link whenever I want. But right now, they have a changeling desease.... Wait--shouldn't you have the disease too?
TheChangeling(loses patience): What are you talking about?!
(The tall Changeling turns to Sergio)
TheChangeling: Link with us, now!!
Sergio(hides behind Daniel): No, go away!
(TheChangeling shoots out his liquid arm again, and accidentally hits Daniel)
Daniel(pushes the arm out): Owe, don't do that!
Sergio: You see, Captian Daniel--
(Sergio runs behind Shane again. The changeling shoots his arm and accidentally hits Shane)
Shane(pushes the arm out): Stop it!
Sergio(hides behind Gotens): --I was departed by the link--
Gotens(jumps out of the way): Whoa, whoa, let's not get too hastey.
Daniel(crosses his arms): Yeah, yeah, and now they want you back....just like Odo. Old story, different episode.
TheChangeling/Sergio/Shane: Who's Odo?
Gotens: Oh my gosh, don't you guys watch Deep Space 9?
TheChangeling: Sergio! If you do not come, I will kill you!
Daniel: A changeling has never harmed another changeling.
TheChangeling: But it can be done. How about this? If you do not rejoin the link, then I will kill every solid in this room!!
Ensign Dan: Gulp.
(The tall changeling looks around at the other people in the holodeck....Goycho ...Jineen ....Gotens .....BOB .....BOBELENE ....Ensign Dan....)
TheChangeling: Eeuuu, a naked female Ferengi.
BOBELENE: Harumph!
Daniel: Lieutenants, set your phasers on stun and fire at him!
(They fire at the changeling. There's no effect)
Daniel: --What? Those phasers are strong enough to even knock me out. Set to vapourize.
(Still no effect on the tall changeling. A blob of gew spits out of the tall changeling, onto the floor. Another blob of gew spits out from the other side of the changeling, onto the floor. Five more blobs of gew spit out. The seven extra blobs of gew transform into seperate Changelings.)
Ensgin Dan: Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! More changelings!!! Kill them!! Kill them!!
(A Changeling apprehends GoyCho. Another changeling apprehends Jineen; another one grabs BOB; one grabs BOBELENE; one gets Ensign Dan; and one apprehends Gotens)
TheTallChangeling: All I have to do is give the command.
Daniel: Wait a minute.... you all travel in one body?
Shane: Gotta admit, it saves space.
Sergio: Hah! Do I care about these people?
TheTallChangeling: If you do not return to the link, then I will be forced to take one of these young changelings for where I have no idea they came from.
(Daniel and Shane look at eachother, clueless)
Sergio(glances at Shane): Alright! Alright! I will return. I have been gone for a couple centuries anyway.
(Sergio finally liquifies and goes into the tall Changeling.)
Gotens: That's gotta be bad for higene in some way.
(The other seven changelings also liquify and return to the one tall changeling. Daniel and Shane glance at eachother)
TheChangeling: We apologize for any inconvenience.
Ensign Dan: Don't worry about it, we all make death threats at least once in our life times.
Gotens(shrugs): I do it at least nineteen times a life time.
TheChangeling: I wasn't talking to you solids!!
Ensign Dan/Gotens: Oh.
TheChangeling(looks back at Shane and Daniel): We do not know where you two come from, and we do not wish to have you join the link. But we wish you two luck on your journey through space.....who knows, maybe you both will end up being gay, or soul mates, just like Xena and Gabrielle.... we love that show.
Daniel: So you are your own link...
Shane: I guess there's more link's out there.
(TheChangeling turns around and heads for the doors)
TheChangeling: Good luck, Shane.

(The tall changeling-link goes into the wall. The changeling emerges outside the Pheonix-X on the hull. It detaches and shapeshifts into a space creature and flies away. The klingon ship also departs. The Pheonix-X accelerates into a transwarp conduit)

Ensgin Dan(lying down on a bed): And that's the whole story, Councillor. I swear if I see another Changeling, I'm gonna relieve myself of duty...!!
(Ensign Dan and Councillor Lucricia sit in the Councilling room)
Lucricia: Well, Ensign Dan, it seems you have acute changelingvitus.
Ensign Dan(sits up): Is it bad?
Lucricia: Yes.
Ensign Dan: Well what should I do?
Lucricia: Well, from now on, when ever you see a changeling, you must cluck like a chicken.
Ensign Dan: ---What?
Lucricia(breaks seriousness): Aaaaahhhahahahahahahaa!!!
(Lucricia liquifies and reshapeshifts into Shane)
Shane: Aaaaaahahahahahaa!!!! You solids are so funny!!
Ensign Dan: ...Grrr...
Shane(stands up): Hahahaha!! Computer, end program.
(The room turns into the empty holodeck)
Shane(walks out the doors): Ha! Ha! I love these holodecks!
Ensign Dan: Oh my gosh, how did I get here? ...Arrgghh....!!! I have a scary feeling about this new Shane guy...