Episode 13 cuts

Star Trek: Phoenix-X
Retrieval cut scenes

*Daniel: Captian's log, supplimental. We've just left the Carthaginain Central Command Centre, a large non-moving comet they live on that has total control over the ion storm, after transporting the Carthaginian crew over. They've cleared a "normal space" pathway for the Pheonix-X, leading out of the ion storm, and improved our shields and our impulse engines by 200%, making us able to almost reach a Warp 1 speed. Since we're in thier territory, I've adheared to thier demands not to use Transwarp; but that's no problem now, thanks to the upgrade. As a gift to saving thier lives, they've given us what seems to be a Changeling...

(On the Pheonix-X, the Captian enters Sickbay)
Lox: So I says to her, I says--
Gotens: Captian, we were just about to call you.
Daniel: Have you opened the jar with the Changeling inside?
Gotens(tries twisting it open): Arrghh--the lid--is--stuck-- Does anyone have a rubber glove or something?
Daniel(snatches the jar away from him): Give me that!
(Daniel opens the jar and a goo of changeling speews out onto the floor. The changeling goo transforms into a humaniod figure)
Daniel: Computer, erect a level 1 force field around the Changeling.
(A force field goes around Daniel)
Daniel: No, the other Changeling.
(The force field deactivates around him and goes around the other changeling figure)
Lox: The Changeling's protoplasum is young, I'd say that it's three quarters as old as you, Captian.
Daniel(walks over): Who are you?
Mara(shapeshifts a face): I am Mara, daughter of Xou.
(Small ridges suddenly appear and ride up her forehead. Fangs and pointy teeth shapeshift in her mouth. She becomes part klingon and part changeling)
Gotens: Damn, she's ug--uhhh, I mean... No, I mean ugly.
Daniel(turns around): Who said that?
(Ensign Dan walks in)
Gotens(points to Ensign Dan): Him.
Daniel: You're relieved.
(Ensign Dan turns right around and walks out the door)
Mara: I'm a passenger of the Hou-Ling, what am I doing on a Federation ship?
Daniel: I'm Captian Daniel of the starship Pheonix-X. You were beamed onto an alien ship after they destroyed the Hou-Ling, then they gave you to us.
Mara: The Hou-Ling is destroyed!?
(She tries to walk past the forcefield)
Mara: Let me out.
Daniel(nods to the Doctor): Make it so.
Lox: Yes Captian Picar--I mean Daniel.
(The force field deactivates. Mara and Daniel walk out the door, talking)
Lox(turns to Gotens): So I says to her, I says...

(The Pheonix-X treks through the tunnel within the Ion Storm)
*Daniel: Captian's log, supplimental. It'll be at least two more hours until we're out of the Ion Storm completely; but during the exit, we'll have to raise shields because the Ion Disengaging System at the CCC isn't a hundred percent effective there. It's been 6 days since we left the CCC and had Mara join the passenger list. She's been cooperating with my Federation and Klingon crew very well. I've had two dinners with her already, and I'm looking forward to tonight.

(The doorbell beeps in the Captian's Quarters)
Daniel: Come in.
Mara(walks in): Hi. Your Quarters is the only one on Deck 1?
Daniel: Yeah, it's the safest Quarters on the ship. I've got fifty pounds of titanium shield-matter alloy above me, and a full deck of escape pods below me.
Mara(laughs): Did you cook dinner again?
Daniel: Yup. It's illogical though, we don't need to--
Mara: Yeah, yeah. You're such a Vulcan.
Daniel: So, have you thought about what I asked you?
Mara: To link? Uhh...no, I can't. The Doctor says it's not healthy, I've been cooped up in that jar for so long.
Daniel: But--
*Gotens: Captian to the bridge.
Daniel: On my way.
(He gets up and leaves)

(Daniel enters the Bridge)
Daniel: What is it?
Gotens: Well, we're playing the Bolian version of Zelda on the viewscreen and we've been stuck at this one part for half an hour already.
Daniel: That's why you called me to the bridge!?
Gotens: No, and also I wanted to talk to you about Mara.
Daniel: What about her?
Armond(walks up): She's been accessing the ship's deck maps and Astrometrics for the past six days.
Daniel: So? She wants to learn the ship.
Gotens(points to the control panel): How do you explain this?
Daniel: That's the fire button.
Gotens(points to a viewscreen on the control panel): No, this. She's been specifically accessing information on Risa.
Daniel: The vacation planet? She's probably planning one.
Gotens: But--
Daniel: Alright, alright. Take extra precautions. It's always possible.
Gotens: We also found out that the Captian of the Hou-Ling wasn't on the ship when it was destr--
Red: Captian, we're approaching the exit.
Daniel(turns around to the viewscreen): Already?
(Zelda is on the viewscreen)
Red(changes it): Oops.
(The ion storm surrounds the viewscreen with a hole in the middle)
Daniel: We're going to have to raise shields, it's going to get a little bumpy.

(In the Captian's Quarters)
Mara(looks out the window): The exit.
(She walks over to a control panel on the wall)
Mara: Computer, divert shield control to the Captian's Quarters. Beta-4-9.
(The computer acknoledges)

(Armond tries to access shields, on the bridge)
Armond: Captian, shields are inoperative.
Daniel: Why?
Armond: I dunno, maybe it's a computer glitch from when the Carthiginains were working on our shields.
Kayl: How are we supposed to exit the ion storm? The CCC is going to shut down the tunnel in a few minutes.
Daniel: Can we contact the CCC?
Kayl: No, they're too far out of range.
Armond: What are we going to do? We'll be torn to shreds.
Gotens: What if we went into multi-vector mode? The vectors should be too small to be made contact with the ion storm.

(In the Captian's Quarters, Mara liquifies into the floor.)

Daniel(sits in his chair): Make it so.
Armond: Yes Captian Pic--I mean Daniel.
Daniel: Okay, who's been watching the Next Generation episodes here?

(Mara takes shape in Vector 3 Control Room. The Officers in the room turn around and look at her.)
Mara: Hello.
(Tentacles form out her body and she attacks everyone)

Daniel(on the bridge): Engage.

(The Pheonix-X separates into three and head through the exit, safely, one after another)

Daniel: Bring us back together.

(Vector 1 and 2 attach together, but Vector 3 zooms away)

Daniel(stands): What's going on?
Armond: Vector 3's Bridge has been sealed off by forcefields. There's a Changeling on thier Bridge.
Daniel: Mara.
Gotens: Follow that Vector.
Armond: She's cloaking.

(Vector 3 dissapears)

Daniel: Darn, the cloaking device is on that Vector.

(In the hallway, outside Vector 3 Bridge)
Ensign Dan(yelling through the door): Uhh, you're going to have let us in sometime. We've disengaged the replicators, you'll starve to death! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Gooloch: But Ensgin, Changelings don't eat.
Ensign Dan: Oh man. She's already foiled my plans.

(On the Vector 1 Bridge)
Daniel: Okay, anyone have any ideas to where she could be going?
Gotens: The Disney Planet!
Armond: Risa!
Daniel: Okay, engage to Risa.

(On Risa. Outside in the nice weather, a Klingon sits in a lawnchair)
Kaliph(drinking takeela): Aahhhh, this is the life.
Mara(materializes right in front of him): Captian! You're alive!
Kaliph: Mara, my wife!
Daniel(beams in): Wife? You never told me you were married!! Why've you been seeing me?
BOB(beams in): You've been seeing the Captian!? Why've you been sleeping with me?
BOBELENE(beams in): You've been sleeping with a Changeling!? We're married!!
Gotens(beams in): .... What? I'm just here to hit on the Changeling.
Ensign Dan(beams in): That Changeling foiled my plans!
(Everyone starts arguging)
Gotens: Quiet! Quiet! There's only one way to solve this.

(Inside a Studio, on Risa, sits Kaliph, Mara, Daniel, BOB, BOBALENE, Gotens and, Ensign Dan. In front of an audience)
Jerry Springzer: So, Mara, you've been married to the Captian of the Hou-Ling all along while you were seeing the Captian of the Pheonix-X?
Crowd: Boooo!!
Mara: I was devistated, the Hou-Ling was destroyed by aliens.
BOBELENE: That's no reason to be sleeping with my husband, you #%$@^&&$!^()&^#!!!
Mara: He chose to, @$%!^*(@!$~!!
(BOBELENE and Mara get up and fight; then the guards break them up)
Crowd: Wooo!! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Jerry Springzer: Why are you here, Ensign Dan?
Ensign Dan: She foiled my plans.
Gotens: What? You're relieved.
Ensign Dan: And I'm always being relieved! Stop it! #%&^/$@@#.>!!
Gotens: $%^^\#@&*(@!!!
(Ensign Dan and Gotens get up and fight; then the gurads break them up)
Crowd: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Jerry Springzer: Okay, okay. Captian Daniel, what is your take on this?
Daniel: Mara knew the computer codes on our ship and has been married to him, I guess that explains why she didn't want to link. I think it's pretty lucky that Kaliph wasn't on his ship when it was destroyed. But, Mara, you're going to have to make a choice. Me, or Kaliph.
Kaliph: It's me! You, <@$%&^*$#@`!!!!
Daniel: Good, I don't want to be dating a player anyway. ^%^*(#!@$%*)(~!!
(Kaliph and Daniel get up and fight until the guards break them up)
Crowd: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
Mara: I choose...
Crowd: Jerry!
Mara: Quiet you, #%$/^*&*$\@!! I don't choose anyone!!
Crowd: Yeeeaahh!! Woooo!! You go girl! Wooo!!
Gotens(leans over): Hey baby, how about I be your shuttle craft and you be my shuttle bay.
Mara: What? No! I choose BOB.
BOB(smiles): Well hey.
BOBELENE: #%&^%$*$@!&()</!!!!
Crowd: Wwoooo!! Yeah!! Woooo!! Jerry! Jerry!
Jerry Springzer: Well, BOB, it looks like you've got your work cut out for you. We'll be right back with the conclusion to this episode, after these messages.